Nowadays, many new parents after the birth of the baby, it is easy to listen to some unfounded rumors, such as to the baby to supplement the more DHA, the baby will be smarter, so the baby parents care about DHA is what? What is DHA?

DHA, is a very important to the human body has a very important unsaturated fatty acids, belongs to a kind of fat, but also an important part of the brain and retina components, but also to promote and maintain the growth of the neural network system of cellular growth of the main components, and, secondly, its main role is to promote the development of the baby's brain and eyesight.dha certification Therefore, many times mothers think that more DHA supplementation, the child will become smarter and smarter, but in fact, excessive supplementation of DHA may also they bring some other problems, for example, if excessive intake of DHA will be oxidized in the body as free radicals, but will cause damage to human health, so I have heard that babies supplemented with the more DHA the smarter the person will be purely a rumor.

DHA supplements should not be overdosed

Excessive supplementation of DHA will not make your child "smarter", because DHA is unstable and easily oxidized in the body, and excessive intake of DHA will be oxidized into free radicals in the body, which is harmful to human health. Therefore, from a safety and health point of view, DHA should be consumed from food as much as possible, and DHA supplements should be taken according to the dosage.sialic acid market It is recommended that pregnant women and lactating mothers should ensure that their daily intake of DHA should not be less than 200mg, while infants' daily intake of DHA should generally reach 100mg. oversupplementation is not allowed.

The more you supplement, the smarter your child will be? In fact, not necessarily, as the saying goes, too much is not enough, that's the truth, DHA supplementation will have side effects, because it is not stable, easy to oxidize, if excessive intake of DHA will be oxidized in the body as free radicals, but will damage the human body's health, such as leading to low immunity, lipids, cholesterol, and so on, and ultimately increase the body's burden, so that DNA is not more good, as long as the appropriate Therefore, DNA is not a good thing, as long as it is suitable.food ingredients asia

Child's IQ is affected by many factors

A child's IQ is affected by a variety of factors, in addition to the well-known genetic factors, but also has a great deal to do with the mother's breast milk, especially on the intellectual development of the important influence of taurine, to be 10 times higher than milk. According to the survey, eat breast milk grown children than eat milk substitutes grown children's IQ to be higher than about 3-10 points, in addition to this, do not eat breakfast children's intelligence will be affected, breakfast intake of protein, sugar, vitamins and trace elements, etc. are brain-healthy important ingredients.

So what should you give your baby to meet the demand for DHA?

0-6 months exclusively breastfed baby, as long as the mother in the usual consumption of DHA-rich foods, the DHA content of breast milk can be significantly increased, the baby will be able to get more adequate DHA from breast milk. if the baby is formula-fed, you can give him the choice of formula with added DHA, which also allows the baby to get enough DHA. after the baby reaches the age of 6 months, you can begin to add DHA-containing infant rice flour to the baby's diet. After the baby reaches 6 months, you can start to add DHA-containing infant rice powder, fish, eggs, seaweed and other complementary foods; if the baby does not like to eat fish or is allergic to fish, there may be insufficient intake of DHA, which needs to be reasonably supplemented with infant-specific DHA preparations.