personal loan

personal loan - Introduction to bank personal loan

Consumer Loan:

Buy a car, buy furniture, buy electrical appliances,travel, personal loan study abroad, children's education, self development learning, etc

Some consumer personal loans can only be used for specificgoods or specified consumption purposes, such as China

Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank auto personal loaninstallment payment.

There are also some consumer personal loans that can beapplied to the bank as long as they are used legally, such as China Construction Bank installment, Industrial and

Commercial happiness installment, postal savings, etc.

Each bank has its own name, but the amount is also the highest ranging from 30-50W.

These are all in the form of personal loans from banks,

Which gives you an amount of money,

As long as you are legal and legal, "do not go to the housing market, the stock market, or the industry prohibited by the state, eating and drinking is OK. "

Bank development is also a business that needs to make money, and our KPI is also a need to complete.

A personal loan for renovation is also a personal loan for consumption and a credit

A credit loan:

Also called unsecured personal loan, it means to take out an unsecured personal loan at the bank using one's own credit.

Now almost every bank has launched this service, no matter it is industrial and peasant construction or urban and rural share cooperation system.The process is also very simple. You can provide your identity and you don't need any collateral. In many cases, you can scan the code in an app of a bank to apply, and the background system will automatically judge your credit score, so as to give you a personal loan limit of generally no more than 30-50W.

Because the threshold is low and it is an unsecured personal loan, the risk management is also great for the development of banks in China.

Therefore, the general term is not too long, 1-3 years for the main products.

At present, the credit personal loan in the market is divided into three levels according to the interest rate:

The first is 5-7%.

The second one is about 13 to 15 percent.

The third bracket is about 26 to 28 percent.

How to divide, how to calculate, we will write this article later.


Also classified as mortgaged business personal loan or mortgaged consumer personal loan.A mortgage is a way in which both business and consumption are available, meaning that you are borrowing money for the purpose,

If you go to the bank for a personal loan and say I just want to borrow, take the cash home and load it with C, that's not going to work.

What about buying a house? We can't do that either.

What am I supposed to do, buy stocks? B: Sorry, investing is risky. 9. You should be cautious when you enter the market.

And remember,

Any personal loan from the state should promote the real economy, and personal loan should be "directed to the purpose".

As a result,

Providing collateral for a bank personal loan that isintended to be used for the operation of a business iscalled a secured commercial personal loan.

Providing collateral to a bank for a personal loan for thepurpose of consumption is called a collateralizedconsumption personal loan.

Isn't having collateral to borrow money no different thanour logical ability to borrow money from a pawnshop?

In theory, I put up the collateral, you give me the money,

I don't pay, you put up the collateral.

So why all the demands?

Because the CBRC requires that "secured personal loans"cannot be issued to individuals.

Relay loan:

I.e. parents are borrowers and children are guarantors.

Relay loans can generally require the main lender to beclean, aged no more than 65-69 years old, the longest no

more than 30 years,

Whether the son can repay the personal loan is notimportant.

According to the national conditions, most of the twogenerations still have their backs to the loess and arehonest and hard working.

There was no food, no banking system, and most of ourparents had never taken out a loan. Even afraid ofpersonal loans. Therefore, there is an opportunity toleave a relay personal loan.

At present, the business is mainly concentrated in firsttier and strong second-tier cities, further down thefinancial system is less developed.

Superposition loan:

At the beginning, it generally refers to adding a personalloan to the enterprise when the World Bank has not lentenough to the society.

Take Beijing as an example:

A house for 5,000 people, with a 70 percent down payment,could theoretically borrow $3.5 billion. However, due tooperational error, he only got 3 million, and he couldn'tchange it. What should he do? Therefore, he is within the limits of the bank, and here is another "consumer personalloan" for you.

The second group can also operate this way.

Under the condition that the second-hand mortgage does notexceed the abnormal amount, the maximum personal loan canonly be 40 percent, and 5 million houses can only beapproved by 2 billion yuan.

Bank brother, you give so little, you make me feel sorry.

So I'm going to give you a "consumer finance personalloan".

This is what many people call a 4 + 3,5 + 2personal loan,70%.

What's more,

Our bank refused to accept, and went to other banks tofind ways to continue to stack "consumer loans".

Did you continue folding to 10% of the personal loan?

The answer is definitely yes, it is possible to buy ahouse without spending your own money. Neil: Yes, youheard that right, that's the thing.

But we're not saying that everyone can play this way,

And there are many plays with zero down payment, payattention to us, take your time later.