Laser engraving machine knowledge that you need to know!

Laser engraving is a method that can be utilized Chinese laser information technology to carve out words or patterns on the surface of objects. It is different from the traditional engraving way method study, the traditional engraving work method is through their own hand or electric transportation to chisel out three-dimensional patterns.

Laser engraving creates an imprint by using a high temperature laser to ablate or change the chemical properties of the surface of an object.

The advantage of a laser engraver is that the content and size of the engraving can be precisely controlled and the engraved pattern is more detailed. The disadvantage is that it is not as three-dimensional as traditional sculpture. So the laser engraving machine is mainly suitable for shallow marking.

The composition of the laser engraving machine mainly includes: software system, mechanical system, laser three major parts, of which the software system is used for graphic editing, parameter setting and control start-stop interface.

Mechanical system is used to drive the laser to move on the surface of the object. Traditional mechanical systems are driven by stepper motors or servo motors. Many modern machines use a galvanometer system to position the laser by adjusting the angle of the lens.

The laser is the core functional component of the laser engraving machine, which determines the combination of the handheld laser engraver & laser cutter is able to carry out the engraving of the material and the effect of the different sizes of its energy also affects the depth and speed of the Chinese engraving.

Laser engraving machine light source has a variety of commonly used CO2 light source, fiber optic light source, violet light source, green light source, diode light source. Their laser wavelengths are different, so the effect of engraving and the appropriate material is also different

● CO2 laser engraving machine is mainly used for engraving wood, leather, plastic and other non-metallic materials.

● Fiber optic light source category, mainly used for engraving metal or higher hardness materials with paint finish. Wood is generally not suitable for engraving, unless it is very hard

● Purple light source is a high-end light source, carving very fine, can carve a variety of materials.

● Green light source, we ourselves may not have seen a lot of acrylic inside the three-dimensional graphic images, generally speaking, are engraved with green light source. Can be carved through the transparent glass and other materials

Originally used for stage lighting diode light source, in the laser engraving industry has found a new use, its working principle is a bit like using a magnifying glass to ignite the flame in the sun.

Selection criteria for laser engraving machines

Many people who want to buy a laser engraving machine are concerned about this issue. Everyone must want to choose a laser model that is practical and cost-effective. So you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of various laser machines before choosing.

● CO2 laser engraving machine: Advantages of wood carving materials, leather, plastic, rubber, etc., high power, fast engraving speed, high precision. The disadvantage is that the weight of the machine is generally 40-50 kilograms, not easy to move, generally moderately priced, suitable for factory use

● Fiber laser engraving machine has the advantages of high precision engraving, fast speed, etc., suitable for large-scale factory operations, can be docked with the factory automated production line. The disadvantage is that the machine is generally more expensive, about 15,000, and the volume is relatively large, weighing more than 30 kg

● Purple laserpecker 11 pro, advantages: engraving technology materials for a wide range, both by engraving metal, but also as engraving non-metal. Can effectively realize a machine multi-purpose. Disadvantages Price is expensive, because of the characteristics of China's violet light source, machine learning generally then 2-3 million yuan or more, the machine is also relatively heavy. Applicable to China's high-end product manufacturing

Green laser engraving machine, the advantage is that it can realize three-dimensional engraving three-dimensional positioning engraving. The disadvantage is that the volume is large, expensive

● diode laser engraving machine prices as low as one thousand dollars, generally not higher than 3,000 yuan, small size, easy to move. Disadvantages:The engraving speed is slow, can not carve pure metal. Due to speed limitations, generally more suitable for personal DIY home use, or small and medium-sized business small batch customization.