District intelligent system turns out to have so many types, really can not think of so many functions

Along with the development of modern residential construction increasingly intelligent requirements and trends, the owners of the community property service requirements are increasingly high. Often, the good or bad property services influence the potential owners' choice to buy the district residence, and even affect the grade of the district, because every owner wants to live in a safe, convenient and humane district.

If we want to take care of the owners' needs for all aspects of property services, we must borrow a large property service team to implement them. At present, property companies have great difficulty in recruiting staff and with the increasingly high cost of manpower, the use of human tactics to manage the property companies is problematic in both operation and management, because human resources are the main cost of property companies. Therefore, it is inevitable to invest in intelligent systems as a tool to assist management, which is also in line with the needs and trends of the property industry development.

At present, every real estate developer is equipped with a perfect cell intelligent system, among which, the electronic patrol system is a system to manage and restrain the behavior of security personnel, and its purpose is to regulate the system of security personnel patrolling along the prescribed path at the prescribed time and recording and archiving in the computer. The online patrol system can reflect the security personnel's patrol situation in real time, the system cost is higher; And the offline patrol system does not need to lay pipeline, no signal attenuation problem, suitable for the area is larger, more complex cell, the system cost is more economic.

Cell monitoring system is through the means of technical defense in the duty room or monitoring center, real-time monitoring of the relevant key areas and locations of the visual image situation, greatly reducing unnecessary security personnel, thus saving property management costs once and for all. Monitoring system provides property service personnel with an intuitive live image, which can reflect the monitored object in real time, image and truthfully, not only greatly extending the observation distance of human eyes, but also expanding the function of human eyes, which can replace manual monitoring for a long time under the harsh environment, and can understand the actual status of each control site and the work of staff in a timely manner, reflecting in real time and quickly what is happening All things, and through the video record, and at the same time to facilitate when dealing with unexpected events, etc.

The garage management system is a system to manage and regulate the access, parking and charging of owner and visitor vehicles. At the same time, in order to save the property service personnel, the charging point is arranged at the entrance and exit of the district, and different design modes are adopted for two kinds of customers respectively. If the owner buys or rents a parking space, the owner's information is entered into the system, which can realize the access to the district or parking lot within the specified time. If the owner owes the property management fee or parking fee, it can be designed to invalidate the owner's access and remind the owner to pay, and if the reminder is still not paid three times, the owner will be denied access. For visitors each time they enter the district to take a temporary card, leaving with the card out of the charge by the time.

Access control intercom system is the entrance of the building, residents and community property services and community entrances and exits (or monitoring room) multifaceted communication / access control integrated in a unified network, through the system in a large number of security personnel to reduce the situation, to protect and prevent illegal intrusion of non-owners. Thanks to the system, in addition to the cell entrances and exits, the effective management of cell entrances and exits can be implemented within the cell even without any security, while not causing trouble for the owners.

The perimeter burglar alarm system is the first line of defense for the security of the community, playing an essential role in the security of the community. In the area of the fence installed on multiple pairs of infrared pair of probes, with the human eye can not see the infrared beam on the regional fence to form a tight protection network, once the wrongdoers want to flip through the fence into the community, it will immediately trigger the alarm, and the corresponding area on the alarm host, security personnel can quickly move out to the location of the incident. Trigger the alarm at the same time, the scene with the spotlight, illegal intruders to play a deterrent effect. In addition, the system can be linked with the monitoring system, triggering the alarm at the same time, the monitoring system to trigger the alarm place for video recording, to provide strong evidence for future public security organs.

Background music or fire broadcasting system is an essential equipment for the community, and is an essential system to pass the fire inspection and acceptance. Rocks, stumps and mushroom-shaped speakers are properly placed in the green belt of the district, which can play background music for a long time. When the system receives the fire signal from the fire switchboard, the pre-recorded emergency signal will be played at a higher volume in the corresponding area; as the system issues a strong cut signal at the same time, even if the broadcasting volume of the corresponding area is turned off or even closed, it can also be broadcast at a relatively high volume to ensure that the people in the area can clearly hear the alarm signal.

Automatic remote meter reading system is realized by installing water, electricity and gas meters with signal output and transmitting meter measurement data remotely to property service center or relevant reports. The data, amount and payment of each household meter are reflected on the computer in real time and accurately, and handheld meter reading equipment can be selected as an auxiliary means. Adopting this system can greatly reduce unnecessary personnel waste. Property service personnel can complete meter reading for all users at the property service center with a single finger click.