Veteran kitchen drivers take over! What do you know about dishwashing utensils?

1 Sponge

A sponge can easily remove grease and oil with detergent, but for stubborn stains, you'll need to use a lot of force. Sponge and cloth material are relatively soft, will not cause damage to the surface of the tableware. Because the sponge is very thick, easy to absorb water is not easy to dry, the internal oil stains are not easy to clean, easy to sponges & scouring pads breed bacteria; Pepsi cloth side because it is too soft, easy to ball or be kneaded, it is best to replace often.

2 Silk sponge

Sponge-based, the surface has a layer of fine soft steel wire ring. So the effect is a little better in cleaning, stronger cleaning power. But because the surface with steel wire, so for porcelain and pots and pans with coatings, long-term use will be damaged. Sponge inside the same easy to absorb oil, breeding bacteria; in addition to the surface of the small steel wire easy to hook food residues, difficult to clean, need to be replaced often.

3 Loofah

Loofah can be said to be a natural cleaning tool, the eco washing up sponge material is absolutely healthy and environmentally friendly. Dry loofah hard texture, water will become soft. When using loofah to wash dishes, encounter lighter oil stains, do not need to use detergent can also be brushed clean. At the same time, due to the special fibre structure of the loofah, it is not easy to stain the oil, easy to clean, compared to the breeding of bacteria.

4 Wood pulp cotton

Wood pulp cotton and sponge is different, is a natural material, porous surface, soft ground, looks like the northern people eat cake. Wood pulp cotton softened by water, in the face of oil, the effect is obvious, itself is also very easy to clean and take care of, not easy to adhere to the oil.

5 mesh dishcloth

The mesh dishcloth mentioned here is not a sponge natural luffa wrapped in a layer of mesh, but a separate mesh after removing the sponge. Although it is a bit thin, but because of its mesh structure, it is more capable of removing stubborn grease stains. Also because of the thinner texture, it is easier to dry and less likely to harbour bacteria.

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