Word documents

1. Sometimes in the editing of multiple Word documents, save all open Word documents at the same time, each file to save, both time-consuming and laborious, there is no simple way? When you press the Shift key, click the "File" menu, you will see that there are more "Save at the same time" and "Close at the same time" command, which is more convenient.

2. cleverly set up document protection in Word to print a document, suddenly the boss has something important to say, to leave for a while, close the document, which is both troublesome and unnecessary, but I do not want to work hard to write a good document was destroyed by others. What do we do? The implementation of the "Tools" menu in the "Protect Document" command, in the pop-up window, select "Protect Forms", and then set the password. How, the cursor runs to the head of the document, no matter how you move the mouse, how to hit the keyboard, can not edit, right? When you come back, the implementation of the "Tools" menu in the "cancel document protection" command, everything will return to normal.

3. Add a watermark to the WPS document. The use of drawing software (brush tool, etc.) to create a very light image (or just "grab" Word's watermark), and then open the need to add a watermark WPS document, the implementation of the "Format ¡ú Page Background ¡ú Settings" command, open the "Set Background" command. "Set Background" dialog box, switch to the "Pictures" tab, press the "Select Picture" button, select the picture you just created, and ensure that the appropriate settings, you can set the watermark on the document. Watermark on the document.

4. Cancel the "smart" hyperlinks. When we type a URL or email address in a Word document, Word will automatically convert it into a hyperlink for us. If we accidentally click on the URL, IE will begin to enter the hyperlink. But if we don't need this feature, we will feel a bit hindered. How to cancel this function? Click "Tools" in Word AutoCorrect Options ", click" AutoFormat when typing ", cancel" with hyperlinks to replace Internet and network paths "The item in front of the check mark. Then click the "Auto Apply Format" option, cancel the "hyperlinks to replace the Internet and network path" item in front of the check mark. Click OK again. So that after entering the URL, it will not be converted into a hyperlink.

5. in Word, the rapid development of input Chinese characters to learn Chinese radicals can be used as a student language teaching teachers, in the use of Word to prepare for practice, often we need to enter a Chinese character by the radicals.online pdf conversion free The implementation of the "Insert ¡ú Symbol" command, open the "Symbol" dialog box, in the "Symbol" tab, the font selected as "standard and font Under the "Symbols" tab, select the font as "Standard and Fonts" and the "Subset" as "CJK Unified Use of Chinese Characters", and you will constantly find that the Chinese characters below the question are arranged according to the radicals. Each type of research Chinese characters are to improve the analysis of the class of Chinese characters is the beginning of the radicals, select the radicals you need, press the "Insert" button on the line.

6. Convert Word table to Excel table. First open the Word file with the form, and then select the entire form and place the cursor in any cell of the form, in the upper left corner of the entire form will appear with a box in the shape of a cross symbol. Move the cursor to the top and click. The words in the entire table will turn black, indicating that they are all selected. Right-click and select "Copy" from the menu that appears. Then open Excel and right-click and choose Selective Paste from the menu that appears. In the dialog box that appears, there are six menus to choose from. Just choose "Text" and make sure.

7. Skillfully save pictures in Word documents. Sometimes you will receive a Word document from a friend with a lot of pictures.convert scanned pdf to word text rtf online If you want to save all the pictures in the document to your computer, you can do so: open the document, select "File" menu under the "Save as Web Page", specify a new file name, and then press the "Save "button. You will find another folder with the same name as the Web file. Open this folder, you will be surprised to find that all the pictures in the Word document are saved in this directory.

8. PowerPoint's special playback mode in the actual use of PowerPoint presentation process, often need to be used with other program window data to enhance the presentation. On the other hand, Powerpoint presentations are often in full-screen mode, and you must use the Alt + Tab key combination or Alt + ESC key to switch with other windows. In fact, we can do it this way: Hold down the Alt key and press the "D" and "V" keys to activate the playback operation when the slide show mode starts with a title bar and menu bar form, which allows the slide show mode to operate like a normal window This allows the slide show mode to operate like a normal window, such as minimizing and customizing the size.

9. Quickly enter uppercase numbers Due to the work needs, often need to enter some uppercase numbers (especially financial personnel). But because most of the strokes of the capitalized numbers are more complex, with Wu Pi font or Pinyin input method is more trouble.convert word to pdf without losing formatting Later, I stumbled upon Word can be used very skillfully: first enter lowercase numbers such as "123456", from the "Insert" menu, select "Digital" command, and then it will be appear as shown in the dialog box. Select "one, two, three" and click "OK", or you can directly in the "number" dialog box enter the number.

10, the rapid development of Excel to enter a special cultural symbols for the report commonly used in the "two zero zero two" in the "○". Many people will be in place to control the printing of "two 00 two", "two OO two" or "two zero zero two". In fact, we are some incorrect, "00" is a numeric key, "OO" is the English study letter "o" capitalization, "Zero Zero " is the capitalization of the Chinese university number, and "two" is the lowercase of the Chinese information number, they exist between each other are not required to match. After careful study of the students to find out, I found that they ignore the Chinese input method in the "soft keyboard" can be easily entered into the data commonly used a symbol. Open the Chinese input method, the first input "two", in the state of the Chinese input method, with the right mouse button to select the input method of the "soft keyboard" logo, where the selection of "units and symbols ", so that the direct input method of the soft keyboard will be opened and positioned to the Chinese network of numbers, key operation panel on the Q key or with the mouse you can click on the "soft keyboard" on the Q key, Chinese different lowercase "○" will be entered into the system. are entered into the system.