Primary Wire, 18-Gauge Bulk Spool, 100-Feet, Black, Southwire 55667323

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This item is 1210 inches long and is made of 16-strand primary auto wire in 18 gauge. Heating and electrical use; rough electrical The item is made in the United States.

(C07) 6-Foot Single Conductor Shielded Guitar Circuit Wire, Blue

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Guitar circuit wire with a shield only one conductor, 26 AWG, sold in 6-foot (1.83 meter) lengths Use insulated wire for longer wiring runs, such as the connection between the controls and the output jack, to lessen undesired electrical noise. insulated with polyethylene and encircled by a conductive outer shield that is connected to ground. PVC makes up the blue jacket's exterior shell.

50 ft Speakon to Speakon Professional Cables 4C Black Neutrik NL4FX (NL4FC) 12 Gauge Wire - Pro 50' Speak-on Cord 12G 4 Cond - Single, GLS Audio 50 feet Speaker Cable 12AWG 4 Conductor Patch Cords for Bi-Amp

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True Neutrik Speakon NL4FX (NL4FC) 4-conductor, True 12AWG Rated (American Wire Gauge)towline cable

Reusable Thick 10.5mm Flexible & Durable Rubber Jacket GLS Audio Hook and Loop Wrap

Expert Construction and Quality

500 foot spool of Custom Cable Connection 22 AWG 4 Conductor Stranded Shielded Plenum Cable for Security/Alarm/Access Control/Sound

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When opposed to solid wire, stranded cables have a number of advantages. 4 STRANDED BARE COPPER CONDUCTORS. The most prominent quality is flexibility, which makes installation simple and improves safety. For additional safety, the bare copper wire is used for grounding. The outer diameter of this stranded cable is.13". Plenum cable is run in the plenum spaces of buildings, which entails that it runs in the areas generally utilized to wire heating and cooling systems. It is UL-LISTED, ART 800 PLENUM. The National Electrical Code (NEC) assigns a rating to Article 800, which pertains to building and quality standards pertinent to wire. This flexible wiring has Underwriters Laboratories certification and complies with this rating. SHIELD AND DRAIN WIRE, CL3-RATED: This 22...

White flexible 18 AWG stranded copper wire on a spool from BNTECHGO that is 18 gauge silicone wire

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Silicone rubber and silicone wire of the highest quality and flexibility!Extremely Low Impedance, Extremely Effective! The copper strands are tinned, preventing them from corrosion and making it simpler to solder. The 18 AWG silicone stranded wire features a high strand count copper core and 150 strands of 0.08 mm tinned copper wire. Premium silicone rubber insulation is used in their construction.Resistance to high temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius and low temperatures of -60 degrees Celsius.600 volts is the rated voltage.Outside diameter: 2.3 mm, +/- 0.1 mm tolerance. 50 feet of white 18 gauge silicone wire are on the spool. BNTECHGO silicone wire is frequently used for model automobiles, boats, planes, and homes as well as for electric heaters, meters, instruments, motors, and digital fields.

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