How to choose lamps for different home spaces?

Lamp selection for different spaces

Living room light choice

The living room is generally a place to receive guests, family gatherings, need to be full of gentle and friendly atmosphere, the choice of solemn, bright ceiling lamps or chandeliers is good. Can be paired with a variety of aluminum t profile other auxiliary lighting, such as: wall lamps, downlights, spotlights and so on.

If the ground to the ceiling straight line distance of 2.8 metres above the choice of chandeliers, less than 2.5 metres of the best not to use chandeliers, if you have to buy chandeliers, lamps can not be more than 30 cm high, otherwise it will produce a sense of spatial depression.

Dining room light selection

Dining room lighting is mainly to focus the light on the table, as a way to focus everyone's attention. Dining room lamps are recommended to be installed directly above the dining table, and available pendant lamps can be used to illuminate the entire dining table area in just the right way.

Warm colours are the best choice for lighting, as they stimulate the appetite from a psychological point of view. Eating under warm coloured lights will also look more romantic and moody.

Kitchen lights, bathroom lights

Kitchen lamps, usually waterproof, fume and easy to clean as the principle, to ensure that the space is bright and clean. Generally above the operating table, set up embedded flat panel lights, embedded material to aluminium, so aluminium profile frame that the ceiling is simple, reduce the dust, grease and dirt brought about by the trouble.

Bathroom lighting, according to the actual area location to design. The light should be bright and soft, the lamps and lanterns should be selected moisture-proof type, plastic or glass material is good, in addition to the lampshade is also appropriate to choose the sealed type.

Bedroom lamp selection

Bedroom is a place to rest and sleep, need a quiet and soft environment, so the bedroom lighting, require comfortable and moody.

No matter what kind of light fittings are installed, the light should not be too strong, too bright light will affect the rest. In addition, if there are other needs such as reading or dressing, you can also install additional corresponding lamps.

Aisle light selection

For aisle corridor lighting, often overlooked. In fact, the choice aluminum extrusion box of aisle lights is also very careful. Aisle is too long, it is recommended that the top with a few aisle lights, so as to increase the sense of transparency of the space. And aisle lights with, must be consistent with the overall style of the home.

Each space with reasonable lighting is what should be done when decorating.

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