Kitchen every day with the dishcloth, the most afraid of washing not clean hide dirt. If not used for a long time, it is easy to get sick from the mouth. There are many kinds of dishcloths on the market. How to choose them correctly? Now we tell you the tips for buying dishcloths and the big secret of using them!china konjac sponge

Tips for shopping for rags

1. Cotton yarn

Cotton gauze rags are highly absorbent and quick-drying, suitable for use on countertops that are more prone to moisture, and the quick-drying feature makes the rags themselves less likely to harbor some bacteria.cellulose dishcloth wholesale Cotton gauze wipes for cotton and yarn two different materials sewn together, the appearance of the grid, the material that is yarn, selection can refer to the literature on the use of the material ratio of the manual, cotton is more absorbent, if the yarn is more drying processing time is short.

2. dry cleaning rags or non-woven fabrics

Dry cleaning cloth is also a non-woven fabric, possessing properties absorbent absorbent good, suitable for large areas of the kitchen or automotive products, but if the non-woven material absorbent oil is not easy to clean, also not resistant to scrubbing, it is recommended that the first cleaner to clean the kitchen oil, to remove the surface of the first layer of oil and dirt, and then wipe with the best method, cleaning, do not use hot water, so as not to deform.scrubber wholesale

3. microfiber

Microfiber, also known as rags, is a three-dimensional weaving, easy to absorb water and oil, can take away the oil stains. Suitable for cleaning greasy gas stoves and hoods, water absorption is also strong, but not as fast as cotton yarn, so also pay attention to the drying of the rags to avoid breeding bacteria in a humid environment.

4. cilia cloth

Cilia cloth with short cilia, with electrostatic effect, suitable for household appliances on the dust cleaning. When selecting a ciliated cloth, look at the corners of the package to see if there are hair flakes falling off. If there are hair flakes, it means that the firmness of the cilia is not good, so it is recommended to select a more firm weaving woolen cloth.

Tips for using wipes

1. Separate colors for use

In addition to the fact that different materials have different functions, it is also recommended to use wipes in different areas. The easiest way can be divided into kitchen, living room, room, furniture, or oil stains, so as to avoid mutual pollution of dirt. You can use different colors and colors of rags to distinguish.

2. correct cleaning to extend the life

When the rag as well as produce some odor, can be cleaned in the water by adding bleach, or China add white vinegar, soak a twenty minutes before cleaning. When cleaning, there must be a controlled rinsing and scrubbing program to wash off the dirt on the rag.

3. Pay attention to the expiration date

With strong absorbent rags should pay attention to ventilation and dry, otherwise it is easy to breed mold, and when the cilia and microfiber rags fiber hardening, shortening or shedding, it is time to replace the rags, other materials such as cotton or cotton cloth smell as long as the smell must be changed, the kitchen rags tens of thousands of bacteria, if used every day, it is recommended that every one or two weeks to replace.

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Once a week, clean it using a solution made of 1 quart hot water, 1/2 cup white vinegar, and 1/2 cup baking soda. Every month, kill bacteria by running a hot wash cycle without any clothes and one cup of bleach. To avoid mold, always leave the door open after emptying your laundry.