How to choose curtains to have a sense of advanced?

How to choose curtains to have a sense of advanced?

Want to create a sense of high-grade, stylish room design style, how to choose curtains? blind curtainIs it a bright bright color, or a more elegant solid color? Won't match you, now we don't have to worry! Today, PetME intelligent control home can take you to see how students can create a room with Chinese advanced sense by realizing the matching of curtains!

Pure white and premium grey

White gives you a fresh and hazy feeling, wall curtainpure and elegant, without losing the sense of advanced, a variety of styles can be matched with the bedroom, but the bad place is easy to dirty white. If you are afraid that white is easy to dirty, we can use high-grade gray instead, gray fashion is simple, giving people the feeling of high and cold atmosphere, and the shading effect will be better than white.

Wood color and cotton hemp

Natural texture, simple colors of logs and cotton and linen, curtain stylescolors of logs with Nordic furniture, white walls, giving people a rustic advanced sense.

Bright color application

Bright colors in the air can play an unexpected stunning visual effect, giving people a strong sense of fashion collision, the whole space is more vivid, lively and warm.

The importance of hanging rod accessories

At present, there are many kinds of hanging rods, exquisite and elegant curtain Roman rod, simple and easy to use curtain rail, intelligent curtain Roman rod, intelligent curtain rail. We can use all of these curtain rods, but pay attention to the choice of color. Create a high-grade room, do not choose white or black curtain rod, smart shape gives a sense of technology and fashion. As for curtain accessories, you can choose appropriately, but don't gild the lily!

Good curtain development must be from a good brand, in the process of curtain selection, we must pay attention to the selection of corporate brands!

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