As economic globalization continues to advance, overseas trading companies are becoming more and more important to the development of Chinese enterprises. When conducting research on cross-border trade, the logistics and transportation of goods has become a critical aspect of its own. International express, sea freight and air freight are three common cross-border cargo logistics and transportation work mode, their respective characteristics and applicable scenarios are designed differently. In this paper, China's international express delivery, sea freight and air transport of these three logistics activities can be a systematic and detailed comparison and analysis.

First, the international express

International express is a fast, timely logistics and transportation. It usually refers to the delivery of goods faster,esg shipping the transportation time is generally between 1-7 days. At present, the world's well-known international express companies are DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and so on.


(1) rapidity

One of the characteristics of international express delivery is fast. This is due to the international express company has an efficient logistics network and advanced information technology. International courier companies can through their own network will be transported directly from the place of shipment to the destination, there is no intermediate transit link, shortening the transportation time.

(2) Timeliness

The timeliness of international express delivery is very high, usually in 1-7 days to the destination of the goods, and also has a certain degree of accuracy. Express companies usually provide customers with query services on logistics information, customers can always grasp the logistics status of goods through the query system.

(3) Security

International express delivery enterprise company in the process of logistics and transportation development,logistic and supply chain usually provide product packaging and insurance management services to ensure the safety of goods. In addition, the international express company limited will also take some national security technology security system measures, such as real name receiving and sending, scanning and monitoring, etc., which can reduce the risk of loss or theft of goods.

Applicable scenarios:

International express delivery is suitable for goods to carry out the quality of less impact, lighter weight, timeliness requirements of the situation. Generally speaking, the goods suitable for transportation by our international express company mainly include data files, samples, small gifts and so on.

Second, international sea transportation

Marine transportation refers to the process of transporting goods to the destination, we need to use marine transportation tools, mainly container ships, bulk carriers, etc., the applicability of the study is very broad. Marine transportation enterprises can be divided into two main categories: full-ship chartering and bulk transportation. Whole ship chartering refers to the customer to rent the whole ship transportation management of goods,sustainable shipping company this way of teaching method is suitable for large quantities, different kinds of goods is relatively single situation. The aspect of bulk transportation, on the other hand, refers to the customer to rent only an important part of the goods needed to analyze the information of the ship for transportation, applicable to the situation of our goods products of a wide range of different kinds, the number of indeterminate.


(1) Economy

Because of the large volume of goods transported by sea, the unit cost of transportation is low. Especially for large, bulky goods, the use of maritime transportation can greatly reduce logistics costs.

(2) Wide applicability

Maritime transportation has a wide range of applicability and is not subject to the limitation of the types of goods, and the types of goods that can be transported are very rich. In addition, sea transportation can also transport a large number of goods at the same time to meet the needs of customers, such as large batch and long cycle.

(3) High reliability

Although the speed of sea transportation is slow, the transportation security is relatively high. Shipping companies usually take some measures, such as packaging, fixing, scheduling, etc. , in order to fully protect the goods and avoid losses during transportation.

Applicable Scenario:

Sea transportation is suitable for Chinese goods with large volume, heavy weight, low value and insensitive transportation working time. Generally speaking, enterprises are suitable for their own use of maritime logistics transportation of cargo information including steel, electronic technology products, furniture, local specialties and so on.

Third, international air transportation

Air transportation is a way of transporting goods by air through air carriers or airlines. Air transport is one of the shortest and fastest transportation time, especially suitable for high value goods and urgent need of goods, such as electronic products, jewelry, samples, medicines and so on. Air transportation possesses attributes high speed, but the cost is relatively high.


Speed:Air transport is one of the shortest and fastest ways of transportation, which is suitable for some urgently needed goods.

High level of cargo safety: Air transportation companies provide safe and reliable air transportation services to ensure the safe transportation of goods.

Good transportation conditions:The temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions can be guaranteed during air transportation, which is suitable for customers who require high quality of goods.


Higher cost cost: Air freight is more expensive, suitable for urgent need or high value goods; but we do have some high cost for students some other common commodity economy.

Small volume: The weight and volume of goods on air cargo is limited, suitable for small batch, light weight goods, not suitable for bulk cargo transportation.

To sum up, international express, sea and air transportation have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice of mode of transportation depends on many factors such as the type of goods, quantity, time requirements and cost. For urgent needs, small quantities or high-value goods, it is recommended to choose international express or air transportation; for bulk and break-bulk goods, it is more appropriate to choose sea transportation. When choosing the mode of transportation, it is necessary to consider various factors according to one's actual situation in order to realize the transportation of goods in the best way.