Wax Stamps for Halloween: A Halloween Accent For stamps, seal stamp wax Sealing Halloween Wax Stamp Wax Seal Stamp Candle Wax Seal Seal Wedding Invitations Wooden Romantic Wine Bag

Price: $7.89

Made of premium copper and wood, this antique sealing wax stick is safe to use and long-lasting.

Lovely pumpkin wax seal stamp for embellishing envelopes, packages, invites, postcards, and greeting cards.

especially appropriate for usage as gifts, in craft projects, weddings, and parties.

Candle stamp: elegant design with a vintage feel.

leaves a clear, lovely impression in a vintage, retro-classic manner.

Halloween-themed retro sealing stamp in the shape of a frightening pumpkin, perfect for kids, families, and friends.

Antique wax seal: frightful seal with a pumpkin pattern, ideal for adorning Halloween party invites, envelopes, and wine packages.

Use a seal to convey a unique message.

The stamp measures 1'' 2.5cm and is a vintage personalized wax seal for wedding letter invitation envelopes featuring Celtic animals and swans.

Price: $7.99

✪25mm Wax Seal Stamp: Comes with 1 wooden handle and 1 2.5cm/1 inch Swan wax seal brass stamp head.

(Wax not included) ✪Celtic Knot Pattern: Lovely stamps, superb craftsmanship, clear, sharp image, and exquisite details displayed beautifully.

Sealing stamps have a wide range of applications, including creative gift envelopes, invitations, cards, decorations, and Christmas gift ideas for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Tips for Bottle Sealing Wax: If you have any issues with our metal molds, please contact us at any time, and we will respond to you satisfactorily in a day.

makes an effort to satisfy you completely.

With a small twist of the brass head, DIY stamps are simple to replace and assemble.

It can be used to freely match stamps with various patterns to produce an assortment of stamp patterns.

October 7, 2014 – A Seal Named Andre Paperback

Price: $12.49

This is the authentic account of the special bond that existed between Harry Goodridge and Andre, the harbor seal who felt just as at home in Goodridge's house as he did in Penobscot Bay.

Andre was named honorary harbormaster of Rockport, Maine, and was regarded as "the state's most acclaimed summer resident," second only to Andrew Wyeth.

Andre swam south in the winter and then back to Harry every year, returning the following spring.

Galaxy Wax Seal Stamp Set with Universe Stars Wooden Handle Melting Spoon Sticks with Wax Gift Cards with Candle Gift Box Set Decoration Marriage Proposals Letters and Envelopes Wax Sealing Seal Stamp Set

Price: $15.99

Stars Galaxy Universe Stamp Symble.

A gift box, a wax seal stamp with a rosewood handle and brass head, a melting spoon with a wood handle and brass head, three wax sticks in red, silver, and gold, and two white heart-shaped lighting candles are all included in the package.

Inventive Present Ideas for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and All Other Holidays!

Wonderful embellishments for baby showers, gift baskets, letters, envelopes, cards, and wedding invitations 25/30 mm is the stamp's diameter.

Rosewood Handle Length: 2.8" (7.0 cm); Total Length: 3.5" (9.0 cm); Custom size wax seal stamp available; certain sizes may incur an additional cost; Material: Brass Head & Rosewood Handle.

Both graceful and sturdy!

You may take off the Copper Seal head!

It works well on wax but can also be used on soap, clay, and other items.

We provide customization for every item in our store!

To get the specifics, get in touch with us!

For more imaginative ideas and incredible things, please stop by our store!


50 Pieces Antique Gold Monogrammed F Wax Seal Stickers for Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Thanksgiving, Invasion, and Buziness Envelope Stickers

Price: $14.99
custom wax seal stickers

Retro Wax Seal: This seal evokes memories of bygone eras when people skillfully sealed envelopes by hand using melted wax, a homemade yet exquisite touch.

Such kind words toward visitors, making them feel valued and at home.

Wax seal ready for use: 3D Stickers: These three-dimensional adhesive (3M) seals can be used for a variety of purposes, such as wedding invitations, envelopes, gift wrapping, wine bottle sealing, snail mail, parcel decorations for engagement parties, bridal showers, anniversaries, or present ideas.

There are 50 pieces in each bundle.

Dimensions: 1 inch in width, except the handmade, haphazard lip nearby.

Material: Polymer (to prevent color fading and brittle tears).

To apply a decorative seal anyplace you choose, simply remove the 3M adhesive.

Also, 100% satisfaction is always guaranteed!

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