Heavy Duty Paper Hole Punch with R6mm x R10mm Reversible Die Metal Corner Hole Punch for Office, Business, Thick Cardstock, Plastic, and Aluminum Sheet - WILLBOND Fillet Cutting Machine

PREMIUM MATERIALS & STURDY CONSTRUCTION: The iron gray color lends a professional touch and makes this fillet router bit ideal for any work or craft environment.

It is made of metal for durability.

Measuring roughly 11.22 x 8.07 x 7.28 inches (28.5 x 20.5 x 18.5 cm), it has a sturdy base to guarantee accuracy and management.

The extensive job package consists of: Corner Fillet Punch includes all necessary components.

Along with a high-quality fillet cutter, the package includes two distinct cutting dies, sizes R6 (1/4 inch) and R10 (3/8 inch).

adaptability to a range of cutting requirements Flexible cutting abilities: This fillet cutter can handle huge projects because it has a maximum cutting height of 30 mm and two radii of 6 mm and 10 mm.

To further enhance its performance, the cutting die is constructed with premium carbide steel.

This steel ensures precise cuts each and every time because the die is robust, sharp, and resistant to deformation.

User-Friendly Design: The expanded handle and smooth bearing mechanism of this fillet cutter offer a more effective, uncomplicated cutting experience.

Its adjustable metal guard protects cards and prevents paper deviation.

Its design guarantees ease of use and precision.

Specifics Made to Be Clean Cut: The fillet hole punch's bottom and top cutting blades are composed of hardened carbide to guarantee that round edges clean quickly.

Its cast-iron base offers stability, and an integrated paper pressure feature keeps paper from slipping, enabling you to complete all cutting tasks with professional-level neatness and precision.

80W mini small iron patch clothes, shoes, hats, and T-shirts. Small iron. movable, simple ironing tools with temperature adjustment (black)

✅ The temperature adjustment range of the PMini iron temperature adjustment function is 200~450°C, and it can be freely adjusted based on requirements. Best Lithium Battery Manufacturers in China

[Very simple to use] The iron is perfect for removing leather from clothing, fabrics, shoes, and bags because all you have to do to use it is plug it in.

It will reach a very high temperature in two to three minutes, fully preheat in one and maintain that temperature at about 170 degrees Celsius.

creases in things like bags.

Alao, artwork like paintings and calligraphy can also be mounted using the tiny iron.

Practical: The mini portable heat press iron is ideal for crafters and do-it-yourselfers, as it allows you to easily create a variety of small items, including diamonds, heat transfer vinyl, patch irons, and other useful tools.

★Aspects and tiny iron accessories: One small iron, two tiny iron heads, one iron stand; the small iron's sensible dimensions and useful features make sewing projects and pressing garments, vinyl patterns, performs well in small spaces and is appropriate for little tasks; Advice: Please purchase the power cord with caution if you are worried about its length.

Diverse Uses: Craft enthusiasts and stay-at-home moms can use this compact ironing machine for a variety of fabric types, such as wool, polyester, plush, silk, fiber, nylon, velvet, and linen.

★ What you will get: The little iron is a convenient and light option for birthday, Christmas, and Valentine's Day presents for loved ones, as well as anniversary presents.

We ask that you get in touch with us right away if you have any issues using the small heat press machine.

Fillet corner cutter, Ironwalls, R6 mm x R10 mm, 1.2" / 30 mm thick Stainless steel commercial corner punch for office use, featuring a heavy-duty paper corner cutter and paper fixture

Product details] R10 (3/8 inch), R6 (1/4 inch) cutting molds.

The corner radius of R6 is 6 mm, and the corner radius of R10 is 10 mm.

Please take note of this.

[High-Grade Metal Component]Heavy-duty A3 steel metal construction is used throughout the IRONWALLS A3 angle cutter.

Sharp edges and rapid cutting characterize carbide blades.

There's good stability from the cast iron base.

[Up to 30 mm of support]Height of Cutting]With great efficiency, this fillet hole punch of commercial grade can simultaneously perform clean cutting and 30mm paper corner cutting at one time.

The paper can be effectively kept from sliding by using the paper pressing device located at the corner.

Excellent for factories and corporate offices.

[Ergonomic Design of Handles]With its extended long handle and smooth bearing mechanical design, this angle hole puncher is more efficient, labor-saving, and cutting-friendly.

[Many-Use Paper Corner Punch Functions]The cutting blades on this robust desktop paper corner rounding machine are expertly crafted to create rounded corners with extreme sharpness and durability.

In addition to cutting foam core, it can also cut mats, brochures, PVC and ABS plastic sheets, paper cardboard, magnet sheets, aluminum sheets, and more.

Calogy Mini Heat Press Heat Transfer Machine Thermostatic Control Insulated Safety Base Suitable for Crafts T-Shirts Hats Hats Pillows (White Orange)

Only One Button Design]Press once to increase the temperature, press 2 times to decrease the temperature.

Press 3 times to change temperature units.

You can easily adjust the temperature, switch the temperature unit on and off, and turn it on or off with just one button.

[SIZE TO FIT ALL PROJECTS]The mini easy press is perfect for very small or unique heat transfer projects.

It is suitable for personalized patterns on T-shirts, clothes, hats, bags, masks, socks, pillows and other surfaces.

This is a great choice for birthday or Christmas and anniversary gifts for family or loved ones.

[Mini Size]Calogy mini heat press machine measures 4.52*2.95*5.1 inches (11.5*7.5*13cm), the height and width are similar to a mobile phone.

Mini portable press.

[3 Temperature Levels for Different Uses]This craft iron is made with 3 levels of temperature to meet different temperatures.

Low temperature: 284℉ (140℃), medium temperature: 320℉ (160℃), high temperature: 356℉ (180℃).

[Automatic Power Off in 10 Minutes, UL Approved]For safety reasons, it will power off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

The safety base also prevents people from getting burned.

The UL certified power cord will also ensure your safety as it operates on 110-220V.

There is also a safety fuse inside to ensure complete safety.

[LED Display Real-time Temperature]Compared with other mini heat press or embossing machines, we can display the visible temperature on the screen, you can quickly adjust the temperature and save more time.

[Quick Heating]Once powered on, this professional shirt press can heat up to 140℃ in about 2 minutes.

From 140 ℃ to 160 ℃, it only takes about 15 S.

From 160 ℃ to 180 ℃, it takes about 40 S.

Enjoy the heat press process.

No need to worry about forgetting to turn it off.

20-Pack Matte Sublimation HTVRONT Sublimation HTV for Dark/Light Fabric Vinyl - Sublimation Blanks for Shirts, Pillows, Bags, and Hats

【Perfect for Cotton Fabrics in Dark Colors】A silky and soft touch is added to sublimation patterns on your shirts, caps, pillows, and other items with HTVRONT sublimation HTV, a revolutionary technology that works with both light and dark colored pure cotton textiles.

Completely revolutionary!

【Deep and Vibrant Hues】With HTVRONT sublimation vinyl, you can achieve an incredibly beautiful sublimation result.

Regardless of the hue of cotton fabric you select, the vibrant color will be preserved.

Furthermore, even when exposed to sunlight and precipitation, this sublimation vinyl won't fade or discolor.

【High-quality Materials】With its strong adhesive, ease of weeding and cutting, and simple separation from the heat-pressed film following heat pressing, this sublimation HTV for dark cloth covers the heat-pressed film without creating wrinkles or bubbles.

✂️〘Simple to Utilize】It is much simpler to utilize our sublimation vinyl for dark cloth than sublimation spray, which can cause uneven coating, fading, and yellowing.

Utilizing a Cricut or Silhoutte, first cut the TV sublimation vinyl, then apply heat transfer and overlay sublimation paper, you can effortlessly create intricate and one-of-a-kind designs using this type of vinyl.

【Excellent Customer Service】Specializing in craft supplies and equipment, we are confident in our offerings.

Should you encounter any issues with this sublimation television vinyl, please get in touch with us; we offer round-the-clock assistance.

The Wooden Pressing Roller with an Easy-to-Grip Handle for Quilting, Sewing, Wallpaper, and Home Decor is a Savina Quilting Seam Roller.

Seam Roller is constructed of durable wood and is perfectly designed and flexible.

On hem turns as well as seams, it creates a nice, noticeable crease.

This is a fantastic tool that will last you for years because it is made to be strong and long-lasting.

Broad Use: This versatile tool is ideal for sewing, quilting, and tight locations where irons are difficult to fit.

It may also be used to press open seams before using an ironing board, create creases for greeting cards, home décor, and other projects.

For a wife, mother, grandma, or new DIY enthusiast who enjoys sewing, it will be a wonderful present.

Simple to Use: simply press the seam with a fast roll of the roller.

Pressing seams open or flat while piecing by hand is surprisingly effective.

ideal present Those who sew, quilt, or tailor: Savina has packaged this seam roller nicely.

A wonderful present for Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays, and anniversaries... Your Complete Satisfaction Is Our First Concern: Our goal is to give you a memorable experience by offering a full refund policy and timely, amiable customer service.

You have nothing to lose, so purchase with confidence.