This is a 50-piece set of thick aluminum business card blanks, metal plaque blanks, 0.5mm laser engraving material, CNC, sublimation, and multipurpose base plate (black).

Size: These cards measure 3.3" (85mm) by 2.1" (54mm), which is the standard business card size. Lithium Battery

0.22 mm thick (35 gauge) featuring two-sided color and rounded corners Use: made especially for sublimation printing and laser engraving Material: An particular display anodization procedure was used to create the aluminum cards.

They aren't coated in paint.

Usage examples include business cards, thank-you cards, testing strips, name cards, plaques, base plates, fence signs, robotics, and a variety of other project requirements.

Extended Ray5 Laser Engraving Device CNC Engraving Cutter, 5W Laser Engraver, 32-bit Motherboard, 0.08 * 0.08 Compressed Spot, 400x400 mm DIY Engraving Area

【Strong Performance and Perceptive Touch Screen】The RAY5 engraver is more powerful and faster than devices with an 8-bit chipset since it has an integrated 240MHz ESP32 chipset.

It has a 3.5-inch intelligent color screen with an intuitive interface that lets you control the machine directly with a touch screen.

You can check the status of the engraving, change the pace of the engraving, and more.

【Excellent Engraving Outcome】The newest laser technology is used by longer laser engravers; a 5-5.5W high-density laser increases the power of engraving and cutting.

With an engraving precision of 0.01mm, the laser spot size of 0.08*0.08mm is smaller than other common laser spots, producing an even more fine and lovely engraving result.

Up to 10,000 mm/min of processing speed is possible with the strong laser module.

【Offline Connection & Wide Compatibility】 You may use RAY5 anywhere, at any time, with this engraving machine's support for four different connection modes: USB, TF Card, WiFi, and APP.

It also allows for offline operation.

Professional engraving programs like LaserGRBL, LightBurn, and others are compatible with it.

【Safety Protection】 The 5w laser engraving machine comes with a protective cover and protective glasses to keep your eyes safe and prevent irritation.

Its thermal protection function will stop the machine if it detects a flame from the engraving area overheating, and its move protection design will immediately shut down the machine in the event of abnormal shaking during equipment movement to safeguard safety.

【Simple Installation & Expert Assistance】The assembly of the Longer RAY5 5W laser cutting machine is simple if you have the required equipment and accessories on hand, as well as comprehensive product installation and user manuals to consult.

We also offer 24-hour professional customer service and lifelong technical support.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with Longer's customer service representatives with any questions.

Smoothie Mainboard for LightBurn K40 Engraving, Replacement Control Board for CNC CO2 Laser Cutter Engraver Machines with Support for Rotary Axis Autofocus, OMTech K40+ Laser Engraver Motherboard Upgrade

K40 BOARD UPGRADE: Our 24V K40+ control board is packed with cutting-edge features to empower your engraving machine and upgrade every aspect of your work.

Constructed with purpose, its open source firmware and additional ports also allow it to function as a smoothieboard for CNC machines.

It is not only the perfect replacement motherboard for any OMTech K40 laser engraver.

A 5V power feed, nine 5V input/output signaling ports to handle pressurized air assists, external venting fans, and other engraving accessories; others enable vertical movement along the Z axis for easy lifting and autofocusing; complete control: Dedicated ports direct your laser head along its X and Y axes while recognizing their limit switches; additional connections for add-on stepper motors; SUPERIOR FUNCTIONALITY: Work with your Windows, Linux, or MacOS version of LightBurn to create incredibly detailed photorealistic grayscale images as quickly and simply as standard patterns with this circuit board's open source Smoothie firmware, which comes preinstalled and preflashed on its 512MB MicroSD card.

EASY INSTALLATION: Every K40 control board we sell is packaged safely in an antistatic bag with foam padding to protect it from damage.

Upon delivery, concise instructions will walk you through the process of replacing your old control system quickly and simply.

If you are building a new unit from scratch or connecting to a different brand, you will require a type B USB cable to connect this board to your control computer and verify that the pin compatibility of your components matches the board.

SATISFACTION ENSURED: Purchase this laser engraver accessory with the assurance that it will function well right out of the box and for years to come thanks to OMTech's robust one-year warranty and their customary helpful 24/7 customer service.

The Comgrow Z1 Laser Engraver has a 5W output power, a 24V compression point, and eye protection. It is suitable for engraving 15.7" x 15.7" wood, metal, glass, acrylic, and leather.

Strong Laser Technology]: For accurate cutting and engraving, the Comgrow Z1 laser cutting and engraving equipment uses a 5W diode laser module with a 0.08mm laser spot.

The strong laser equipment can cut plywood that is 5 mm thick at a time.

[Y-axis Dual Motor]The acrylic engraving machine's Y-axis is incredibly mobile and smooth.

In addition to offering amazing engraving speed, it also improves project accuracy and stability.

[Wide applications Adaptability and Multiple Connection Methods]: LightBurn is appropriate for experimental laser users, while LaserGRBL is appropriate for novice laser users.

The Z1 laser engraving machine is compatible with a variety of sophisticated engraving applications.

While LightBurn works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, LaserGRBL is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and XP.

The Z1 laser cutter and engraver may be used anywhere and at any time, and data can be sent by Wi-Fi, USB cables, and SD cards.

[Approves Growth]The Comgrow rotating drum is a modification for this machine that is ideal for engraving cylindrical products like glasses!

Its sturdy design makes it appropriate for a range of diameters.

There are two rotation axes spaced 8 mm (0.31 in) to 86 mm (3.9 in) apart.

You are free to cut whichever corners you like.

[More Options]: A 5W or 10W high-power laser offers countless options for engraving materials such as glass, anodized aluminum alloy, carbon steel, mirror stainless steel, curved moving images, and more.

Sandblaster gun kit for aluminum, sand, walnut shells, and soda blasting jobs, up to 150 PSI, paint/rust remover for metal, wood, and glass engraving, LE LEMATEC AS118, blue


??: With Lematec's sandblaster kit, you can turn your garbage into treasure.

Use our incredible media blaster kit to remove rust and corrosion, clean metal parts, etch glass, and prepare surfaces for painting or coating.

It also includes safety glasses and can handle an infinite variety of media types, making it an ideal tool for any home or workplace.

With its powerful media suction, our sandblaster cannon outperforms antiquated instruments in terms of power and speed, allowing you to save significantly on time.

Moreover, the soda blaster has a completely adjustable control valve that enables accurate media management and prevents media waste.

: Prepare yourself to take on difficult cleaning, surface preparation, and restoration projects.

For any DIY enthusiast, hobbyist, or professional, Lematec's sand blasters are an essential equipment since they are composed of premium materials and are engineered to deliver professional-grade performance.



?: Because ceramic tips are more durable than steel tips, which shatter often, this sandblast tool comes with ceramic tips.

This sandblaster gun set will save you the trouble and irritation of having to replace tips on a regular basis.

Our portable sandblaster is the ideal travel companion for immaculate finishes because it is strong and light.

No matter where you are, this strong tool will make any task easy, whether you're cleaning pool tiles, etching glass, or removing rust.

Jewelry Wood Metal Glass Stone Plastic Engraving Pen with 36 Stencils, 25W Cordless Etching Engraving Tool with 35 Bits, USB Rechargeable Mini Micro Professional Engraving Machines

Intelligent Power-off and Rechargeable-Our metal engraver tool comes with a USB cable and is rechargeable.

The intelligent overload protection chip and safety protection circuit board are integrated into the micro engraver pen.

To protect the engraving pen from damage, it will automatically cut off power when the working resistance becomes too high.

incredibly safe to use.

[Portable and Low-Noise]-When operating, this electric engraver produces little noise.

Do not be concerned that it will interfere with the family's sleep.

Our etcher engraver tool has a small, lightweight body.

It is portable and fits in any pocket.

It is incredibly simple to use and ideal for both novices and experts.

With the help of this portable engraving tool, you can add unique touches to commonplace items to make personalized gifts and accessories.

[Ambiable Speed & Superior Performance]-Working power of up to 25W; three speed settings ranging from 5000 to 25000 rpm for various materials.

enhanced high-performance 25000 RPM motor to offer superior handling and control over comparable rivals with numerous other motors on the market.

features an ergonomic grip for precise fingertip control and a sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame.

[Wide Applications]: Almost any surface, including glass, metal, wood, plastic, leather, jewelry, and much more, can be engraved on with our electric engraver with accuracy and comfort.

There were countless uses for engraving tools, sporting goods, toys, phone chargers, and delicate items like watches, glassware, and jewelry.

Additionally useful as a component of a metal engraving kit or as a wood engraver [What You Will Receive]: This etcher engraver tool includes 30 rotary bits, 36 stencils, 1 mini hex wrench, 1 pointed grinding needle, 1 1.0 mm and 1 1.5 mm quenched bit, 1 2.35 handle extension rod, and 3 saw blades (22, 25 mm, and 32 mm).

In addition, we provide 36 pieces of number and letter stencils to help you simplify the engraving process.

LYXC Laser Cleaning Machine 300W Mobile Pulse Laser Cleaner Machine 220V Multi Mode 10m Cable Length Suitable for Metal Rust, Oil, Paint, Coating, Oxidation Layer, Plating Removal

Laser Power: 300W Multi Mode, Laser Wavelength: 1080±10nm, Laser Working Mode: Pulsed, Pulse Width: 10-500ns, Frequency Range: 1-1000kHz, Fiber Cable Length: 10m, Adjustable Scanning Range: 10-130mm(According to lens, 160/210/300 is optional), Cooling Method: Air Cooling/Water Cooling, Working Voltage: AC220V±10%, Power Consumption: <3KW, Anti-Reflection Protection: Yes, Operation Temperature: 0-35°C.

Due to product updates, there may be differences in appearance and parameters, please refer to the latest actual product.

Features: Double Wobble Smart Cleaning Head, easy to operate and good stability; 10m fiber cable, larger range of activities, easy to clean; Smart control panel, Full touch screen operation interface.

The machine is subjected to multiple tests, reliable, stable and durable, passed many rigorous tests in the industry.

Overcome the disadvantages of traditional cleaning: Accurate cleaning, without damage to the substrate, higher cleaning efficiency; Support 8 cleaning modes, applicable to complex scenes; Extended IO can cooperate with manipulator realize automatic cleaning.

Suitable for rust removal, oil removal, paint removal, coating removal, oxidation layer removal, plating removal, adhesive layer removal,cultural relic restoration, etc.

Can be used in aerospace, mold, automobile, food, tire hub, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

CW vs Pulsed Laser: The dust could be removed both by MOPA pulsed fiber laser and CW fiber laser.

Under same average output power, the cleaning efficiency of MOPA pulsed fiber laser is far more quicker than the efficiency of CW fiber lasers.

In the meantime, precise heat control between cleaning and melting promise the good cleaning performance, without hurting the substrate.

Laser Rust Remover Gun for Metal with Eight Cleaning Modes: 500W Pulsed Laser Cleaner, Industrial Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal, Fiber Cable, 10m

Benefits [Better Cleaning Efficiency, No Substrate Damage, and Finer Cleaning Compared to Traditional Cleaning [Purpose]Support up to ten cleaning modes, suitable for complex scenes, and able to work in tandem with a manipulator to achieve automatic cleaning.

passed over six tests; stable and long-lasting.

[Tight Quality Management]The Smart Cleaning Head with double wobbles is easy to use and stable, with a thick sheet metal chassis that provides strength, resistance to deformation, and effective heat dissipation.

[Information parameters] 500 W laser power,

Laser Safety Cover for Laser Engraver Module, Laser Module Protective Case for Up-close View of Laser Work, 33mm or 40mm Red and Green (Red+Green 40MM) Laser Protection Case

Compatibility: The laser protection case comes in two sizes (33mm and 40mm) and two colors (red and green), to accommodate different laser module widths.

Simple installation: It eliminates the need for you to constantly wear safety goggles.

Quick and easy installation of your laser engraving and cutting modules is made possible by the straightforward, tool-free setup.

IMPROVED SAFETY: OD6+ protection level, which successfully filters out blue-violet light in the 405–455 nm wavelength range, minimizes the need for extra eye protection when operating.

STRONG MATERIALS: Constructed from premium materials, your laser modules will have longer-lasting protection and a longer lifespan.

WIDE APPLICATIONS: Ideal for users in a variety of industries seeking DIY laser engraving machines, including professionals, enthusiasts, and small enterprises.