PDF and Word Platform Capabilities

PDF and Word are two large file formats used for editing and viewing written documents, but they differ in the way they are generated and the tools they use. First, PDF is a proprietary file format developed by Adobe Systems, while Word is created and maintained by Microsoft.merge word documents online i love pdf Therefore, we usually refer to Word as Microsoft Word.

Each computer manufacturer provides user-friendly document editing software.PDF files can be viewed and edited with Adobe Acrobat, while Word documents can be viewed and edited with Microsoft Word.

PDF and Word Platform Capabilities

One of the most significant differences between PDF and Word is their platform capabilities and ability to edit documents. For PDF, it only has limited ability to edit documents. Typically, people use Adobe Acrobat to view PDF files. This is because PDF files are designed as a text format that can be rendered on a variety of platforms. There are only a few instances where people will use Acrobat for editing when creating documents.

On the other hand, Word documents can be created by Microsoft Word and can be saved as DOC files or PDF files. If you want to edit the document, you can use MS Word to make changes and then save it as a PDF or other formats.

To summarize, PDF and Word are two different file formats with different uses and features. PDF is suitable for cross-platform and printer-friendly file transfer and reading, while Word is more suitable for editing and sharing in Microsoft Office suite.