24 awg Electrical Wire Cable Solid Wire Kit 7colors 24 gauge spools of 30 feet each Hook up for UL1007 Tinned Copper wire breadboard kit DIY wiring

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PVC + 0.2 mm2 ultra-high purity oxygen-free Tinned solid copper wire Rating for Voltage: 300 Volts; Temperature range: -20 C to +80 C; 2.0 A bear current;Flame-resistant: FT1 and VW-1 9 meters/30 feet of each color's wire on a spool 7 Shades: White Brown Black Red Yellow Green Blue not affected by water, oil,Simple to handle, strip, and terminate: Low-fray style

Electrical Cable for LED Strip, Auto, 12/24 Volt Lighting, 65.6ft 22AWG Conductor Wire, 22 Gauge Black Tinned Copper Hookup Wire, Flexible Extension Electrical Cord

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High conductivity, low resistance, tin-plated, oxygen-free copper wire at a gauge of 22. High-quality PVC-insulated stranded wire offers resistance to moisture and chemicals and can withstand operation temperatures of up to 80°C/176°F. You can use electrical wire to connect an LED strip or other type of lighting connection. Electrical wire is commonly used in the wiring of many low voltage electronic devices. Low voltage LED cable is simple to set up and may be connected securely with a soldered wire; LEDneighbor 22 AWG jacketed power cable wire is ideal for low voltage landscape lighting systems (5v-12V-24V).

IBERLS Universal DC Plug DC 5V USB Power Cable Ten connector tips (5.5x2.5, 4.8x1.7, 4.0x1.7, 4.0x1.35, 3.5x1.35, 3.0x1.1, 2.5x0.7, Micro USB, Type-C, Mini USB) are included in this 5.5 * 2.1mm Jack Charging Cord.

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(PRODUCT DETAILS) USB to DC 5V power cord, maximum 3A (suitable for 5V 3A, 2.5A, 2A, 1.75A, 1.5A, 1A, 700mA, 500mA, 300mA, etc.), positive terminal (+). [LONG-TERM COMPATIBLE] For more 5V electronic devices, such as USB-HUB, clock, mini fan, VoIP phone router, LED pixel light, smartphone, tablet, moon lamp, power bank, MP3, webcam router, toy, Bluetooth speaker, Fairywill electric toothbrush, recorder, scanner, IP camera, DVR, hard disk box, Serato DJ controller, and home phone system. [MORE OPTIONS] Ten Connector Pointers Micro-USB, Type-C, Mini USB, 3.0*11, 3.5*1.35, 4.0*1.7, 4.8*1.7, 5.5*2.5 mm, and 3.5*1.35 mm. [ADAPTABLE AND STRONG] A superior copper wire core has undergone testing with a bending life of up to 10,000+, ensuring that the product will hold up even after frequent use. [100% Assurance] IBERLS offers a 24-month warranty. If there is an issue with the goods you receive, you can always get in touch with us through , and we'll give you a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.

(2464-22AWG-3C- 25ft) 22AWG UL2464 Power Cable LED Red, Black, and Yellow

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Jacket's outside diameter is 4.7 mm. Type. outer conductor insulation diameter of 1.3mm Type of jacket material: flexible flame-resistant PVC. PVC insulation Copper that is tinned and stranded. 22 AWG (3 PVC-insulated conductors, red, yellow, and black) conductors Rated temperatures of 80 °C and 300 V Round cord fits snugly inside common cord glands and cable grips. Applications include LED light power cords, street lights, indoor lighting cables, automotive lighting cables, internal cables for electrical devices, and computer power cables.

Compatible with portable DVD players, wireless bluetooth speakers, household electronics, and fan charger AC adapters, the HQRP 5V USB to DC 9V Step-Up Module Converter Cable

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HQRP® USB Converter Cable; 5.5 x 2.5 mm connectors; polarity: C+; 5 V USB input; DC 9V 2000mA output; 40-inch length; Prior to ordering, please confirm that your USB port can handle 2000mA. High efficiency and dependability; automatic overload cut-off are among the safety features. Any USB port can be converted into a strong 9V power supply with the HQRP® USB Converter! One-year guarantee! Compatible with AC adapter for fan charging, portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, portable DVD player, and household electronics;electronic cable

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