RF-conductive level

RF conductive level switch is a common level measurement instrument, which is widely used in industrial production. What are its advantages and applications?

The advantages of RF-conductive level switch are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Strong versatility and adaptability: RF conductive material level switch can detect the capacitive resistance and impedance formed by the sensor and the container and medium, and the probe is not easy to be affected by the adhesion of the material,probe test system which has strong versatility. At the same time, the product has the characteristics and advantages of high temperature resistance, anti-hanging material, material impact resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It is suitable for the measurement of fly ash, solid particles and adherent materials in chemical plants, power plants, dust removal electric bag and ash conveyor system light ash hopper, silo pumps, pulverized coal ash collection silo.

2. Reliability and cost-effective: RF-conducting material level switch is not subject to hanging material and environmental changes, can be accurate measurement of the material, and no moving parts, there is no mechanical parts damage problems, with high stability and long service life. In addition, the practicality of the product is strong, the price is relatively low, has a high cost-effective.

3. Advantages of Keiwei RF level switch: Keiwei Cape-11 series RF level switch is a level measurement product independently developed and produced by Keiwei Automation. On the basis of absorbing the excellent design and technology of similar products at home and abroad, through a series of independent innovation, strict control of the production process and quality inspection, to ensure that the product has a very good versatility and ultra-high reliability. This series of products have 4 types: general-purpose type, protective type, cable type and ultra-high temperature type, which can meet the measurement needs of many complex working conditions.RF probes The products have passed the third-party reliability testing and certification, and the quality is excellent. Due to the excellent quality of Cape-11 RF level switches, users recognize the Cape-11 brand and the repeat purchase rate is very high.

The application range of the RF level switch is wide, mainly used in the following industrial occasions of material level measurement:

1. electric power industry: coal pile, raw coal silo, fuel silo, silo pump, ash storage, etc..

2. metallurgical industry: ore silos, ore crushers, raw material silos,probe card auxiliary material silos, blast furnaces, alumina powder silos, electrolytic cell buffer tanks, etc.

3. chemical industry: raw materials and intermediates silo, reaction tanks, solids silo, separator, etc.

4. paper making industry: raw material silo, storage tower, drying drum, chemical material storage silo, etc.

5. Cement industry: stone silo, raw material silo, cement silo, pulverized coal silo, slag storage silo, etc.

6. Other industries: quarry, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, shipbuilding and other industries.

In short, RF-conductance level switch has a wide range of applications in industrial production, its versatility, high reliability and wide applicability makes it an ideal choice for level measurement.