According to UL listing, EWCS Equal to Belden 8760 18AWG Stranded Tinned 100% Copper 1 Pair- 500 Feet

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This cable is made up of a single pair of 18 AWG (gauge) 16-strand tinned copper conductors that are protected by a 24 AWG stranded drain wire and a 100% coverage aluminum mylar shield. Black-Clear is the color code for the duo. It has a gray PVC jacket on the cable. It can withstand 300 volts at 75 °C. This cable is type CM (UL Certified) and intended for indoor use. This cable is approved for installation in accordance with NEC (National Electric Code) Articles 800 type CM and has been specifically intended for use in low voltage analog circuits, low voltage digital control, computer communication intercom, sound, alarm, and security circuits. Anywhere there is a stationary control circuit, this can be employed.towline cable

Shielded Sound & Security Cable, Type CMP, 22 AWG 6 Conductor (UL Certified 100% Copper), 1000 Feet

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It has been approved for installation in accordance with NEC (National Electric Code) Articles FPLP/760, CMP 800, CL3P, and CL2P725 and has been specifically built for use with intercom, sound, alarm, and security circuits. Despite being authorized for air plenum, it can be utilized up to 300 Volts anyplace a stationary control circuit is required. Direct burial or outdoor use are not permitted.

Six 22 AWG 7/Strand 100% bare copper conductors, color-coded Black, Red, White, Green, Brown, and Blue, make up this cable. It can withstand 300 volts at 75 °C. It is protected by a shield made of 100% aluminum mylar, and the drain wire is 24 AWG stranded copper. Low Smoke White PVC is used to cover the cable.

Building wire made of 10 gauge THHN stranded copper (500, green)

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Commercial #10 AWG Wiring for Outlets, Switches, and Other Loads with #10 Gauge Stranded Copper (CU) Conductors, High Heat and Moisture Resistant Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Insulation, and Abrasion, Moisture, Gasoline, and Oil Resistant Nylon Jacket, Listed by UL, CSA, and RoHS

49.2 feet of 300 V 11 A low voltage landscape lighting wire in 16 gauge with three conductors, 16 AWG stranded marine wiring 16/3 Speaker Wire with Tined Copper

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This 16 gauge 1.3 mm2 electrical wire is 49.2 feet / 15 meters long and is made up of 78 twisted tinned copper conductor strands with a diameter of 0.25 mm. They have a PVC jacket that precisely insulates them while also providing exceptional flexibility and chemical resistance to water, oil, solvents, and other substances.excellent performance even in dynamic outdoor conditions. "3 Wire Tinned Copper Cable"High precision surface-tinned copper that is oxygen free makes up this RESHAKE 16/3 wire. The qualities of tinned copper wire are softness, low resistance, energy efficiency, and good electrical conductivity. In comparison to bare copper wire, its production is more difficult, but the finished product has greater oxidation and corrosion resistance, and...

18 Gauge Wire 3 Conductor Electrical Wire, 18M/59ft 12V Low Voltage Wire, Outdoor Landscape Lighting Cable, 3 Wire Cable, 18AWG Extension Cord

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