ocean transportation

International cargo transportation is the transfer of goods from one country to another, usually accompanied by international trade. Although international logistics also includes express delivery, international freight transportation does not include international express delivery. So, what are the modes of international cargo transportation? Let's take a look at it!

International cargo transportation modes are as follows.

1, ocean transportation

In international cargo transportation, ocean transportation is one of the most widely used methods and methods of transportation management.fca incoterms The development of ocean transportation has the advantages of low freight cost, large through learning capacity, large capacity, etc. However, due to the influence of climate and natural environmental conditions exist, the sailing period is not easy to be accurate, and the enterprise risk level is high.

2, Air transportation

Compared with marine transportation and railroad transportation, air transportation has the advantages of fast speed, high quality of cargo transportation, and not restricted by ground conditions.contract logistics Therefore, air transportation is most suitable for the transportation of urgently needed goods, fresh commodities, precision equipment and valuables.

3,Railway transportation

Railroad transportation is the main mode of transportation after sea transportation. Many imported and exported goods are concentrated and dispersed through railroad transportation. The procedure for railroad freight transportation is relatively simple.cross dock Shippers and consignees can handle consignment and delivery procedures at the nearest departure station (loading station) and destination station.

4, Road transportation

Road transportation can directly transport import and export of foreign trade goods, but also stations, ports and airports to distribute import and export of goods is an important means.

5,Inland Waterway Transportation

Inland waterway transportation is an important part of water transportation, but also the inland hinterland and coastal areas of the link. It plays an important role in transportation and distribution of import and export goods.

6,Packet transportation

Parcel transportation is carried out through agreements and contracts signed between the development of postal administrations in various countries of the world. By analyzing these agreements and contracts, the mail parcels of different countries can be realized to pass to each other, so as to be able to form an international parcel transport network. Since China's international parcel transportation enterprises have the nature of important international multimodal and door-to-door transportation, and the procedures are simple and the costs are not high, they are widely studied and adopted in international economic trade.