How much does Harvard Summer School cost?

A Harvard Pre-College Program session costs $5,300 in total. The program fee covers all expenses for the full two weeks, including tuition, housing & board, health insurance, and activity fees.

Is Oxford University superior to Harvard?

Oxford is ranked second, Cambridge and Harvard are tied for third in the 2022 QS World University Rankings, and Harvard is ranked fifth.

Where do rejects from Oxbridge go?

Most Oxbridge applicants desire to attend the finest university for their field, which will frequently send them to Durham/UCL (arts subjects), LSE (social sciences), or Imperial if their application to Oxbridge is unsuccessful (science subjects). York, Edinburgh, and Exeter are some other popular ones.

Can I enroll in college at age 60?

The majority of schools and universities embrace mature students because of their dedication, experience, and skills.

How would you describe the summer?

"Summer is a season for pleasant times and sunshine." I want to enjoy the sun. "It seems like summertime, like a beach blanket and a bottle of wine." "When it's hot outside in the summer, you can reach out and touch the sky."

What qualities do you have?

Your strengths should typically be abilities that are reinforced by experience. If communication is one of your strengths, for instance, think back to a time when you used it to accomplish a task or solve a problem.

Oxford is it pricey?

Living in Oxford is expensive; in certain locations, costs are comparable to those in London. Oxford's superb schools, close proximity to London, and the presence of one of the best universities in the world all raise the expense of living there.

What should a student like me do over the summer?

You'll be able to enjoy the sun with these, at last!
Participate in a summer program. Travelling with friends. Take a lot of pictures. Discover a new skill. Start your university reading early.... Get a job or volunteer your time. Have a camping trip. Look into joining new sports and societies.
More things...

What number of 9s are required for Oxford?

Get high marks

GCSEs are viewed as proof of work ethic, and to be able to handle studying at Oxford or Cambridge, you need to have a fairly strong work ethic. We estimate that the typical qualified applicant has eight or nine GCSEs with a grade of 8 or 9.

How might learning loss be avoided?

According to studies, summer learning loss can be avoided by having students participate in hands-on STEM activities, math games, and summer reading. However, the advantages depend on ensuring that kids are thoroughly engaged – and having fun!