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Business visa requirements in Hong Kong

According to the policies of the Hong Kong and Macao Entry and Exit Hall, visa hong kongfor general companies, if the tax reaches a certain development scale, enterprises can apply for e-commerce visas in the name of the company. However, their impact on applicants who are not familiar with the process is also quite troublesome. Oukai Business Management professionals handle Hong Kong and Macao business visas. Even if your company does not meet the relevant technical requirements, our country has important channels to assist you in processing, achieving unlimited daily round-trip between Hong Kong and Macao and mainland China for one year.

A business visa mainly refers to a visa for relevant personnel to conduct on-site inspections or negotiations for investment, visa agency hong kongtrade, conferences, exhibitions, labor services, etc. in the destination country or region, which is different from a tourist visa in terms of validity.

What conditions do applicants need to meet?

(1) No criminal record allowed

(2) Cannot be related to blacklist.

(3) Applications submitted to other companies within the past year will not be accepted;

(4) No blacklist

(5) You can go to Guangdong Province for 1-2 collaborations.

Working hours: After obtaining the visa, we can travel to Hong Kong and Macau for an unlimited period of one year,

Time in Hong Kong: Every seven days, apec business travel cardapplicants only need to return to Hong Kong Customs and click their fingerprints to return to Hong Kong and Macau, without the need for re endorsement, which is simple and convenient

Application materials:

Firstly, provide a scanned or photocopy of the front and back of the ID card.

When handling the replacement procedures (3-5 working days), the customer must provide the original ID card

3. Customer cooperation in obtaining digital certificates (required for industrial and commercial changes)

4: Approval can proceed normally upon notification of entry and exit management

5: Notification of filing, customer free appointment time, and other visa mailing

I hope the above answers can help you.