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Methylphenidate is a very good insecticide, due to its wide range of insecticides, long persistence, good mixability, cheap, low toxicity, good safety and many other advantages, it has become the largest amount of insecticides on the current production.SPRITEX insect killer supplier In fact, mixing and matching of mevinphos with other insecticides, the insecticidal effect is better, but also can delay the resistance of pests, today we will introduce a few golden partners of mevinphos to you. For your reference.

1. Mevin - carbofuran

This formula is compounded by methamidophos benzoate and bromoxynil,RAMBO insect killer manufacturer which has the dual functions of touch and stomach poisoning, giving full play to the quick-acting nature of bromoxynil and the long-lasting nature of methamidophos benzoate, which is not only complementary, but also has very obvious synergistic effect. Generally, the pests can be killed in 1 hour after spraying, and the insecticidal effect can still be maintained at 70% ~ 80% after 15 days of application.

2. Meprobamate - High Efficiency Cypermethrin

This formula is compounded by Methylamino abamectin benzoate and high efficiency cypermethrin,Chinese VITFE Insecticide spray which not only reduces the cost, but also improves the insecticidal effect, expands the insecticidal spectrum, fast knockdown speed, can effectively kill dozens of pests, and can kill the pests on the same day of the application of the drug, so as to quickly prevent the pest from continuing to harm, and reduce the economic losses.

3. Carbaryl - Lufenuron

This formula consists of Carbaryl Salt and Mirex, which has good effect on adult insects and eggs, makes up for the deficiency of Carbaryl Salt, and kills insects more cleanly and thoroughly. Generally, after feeding, the pests will stop feeding within 2 hours, thus stop harming the crops, and reach the peak of pest death in 3-5 days, which is highly safe for the crops.

4. Mevin-indoxacarb

This formula consists of methamidophos benzoate and indoxacarb, which is the first choice for controlling resistant pests. It not only overcomes the poor quick-acting characteristics of methamidophos benzoate, but also expands the scope of killing insects and delays the emergence of resistance. After contacting the pesticide, the pest stops feeding, is paralyzed and paralyzed within 0-2 hours, and eventually dies, with an effective period of up to 20 days.