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When a new poop officer gets a dog for the first time, he has no idea how to care for it and becomes extremely busy. He also conducts extensive research on dog ownership. Today, he will put the junior poop officer through the four tests of food, clothing, housing, and transportation to see how quickly he can learn how to care for puppies.


Many shovelers want to dress up their dogs, so we will buy a lot of student clothes for them, but the dog's hair itself has an important role in regulating as well as their own working temperature, so even if they do not give the dog clothes, they will not appear cold. If you're just dressing puppies to make them look better, try to carry some light. You must be able to remember to wash the dog's clothes and their own clothes separately when washing clothes, oh!

Second, there is food.

A large part of the healthy development of dogs students comes from the Chinese food culture, and the owner must be careful not to overfeed the dog. As an example.

1. Avoid giving it grapes or chocolate.

Grapes are high in glucose and fructose, and dogs are extremely sensitive to sugar and may be poisoned if they consume them. Chocolate is also prohibited for all dogs to consume. Eating it could result in death. Owners must be careful not to let them eat it, or the consequences will be disastrous.

2.Do not feed it anything stimulating.

The dog should not be given onions, ginger, garlic, scallions, or other spicy foods by the manure shovel. These vegetables can cause hemolysis or chronic poisoning in dogs, and spicy foods can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and dull the dog's sense of smell.

3.Do not feed dogs too salty foods.

Human food is too salty for dogs, and long-term consumption will result 4th of july dog clothesin kidney failure in dogs, so we must not use leftovers to feed dogs because of greed for convenience, the most suitable food for dogs is dog food, master students can buy some easy to digest dog food to eat, such as this "greedy not greasy natural dog food" It is low in salt and oil, contains no other food additives, has a high meat content, a balanced ratio of meat and vegetables, a rich vitamin and mineral content, and fully meets the dog's daily nutritional needs.

Natural dog food greedy general-purpose hair tear mark Bichon Frise Golden Hair Fighting Teddy small and large dog food with low salt

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Select the appropriate doghouse

Sleeping is important to dogs in addition to eating. A well-sleeped dog can grow up to be healthy. Owners can select the appropriate size kennel or cage for their dogs, allowing them to have their own space.

Maintain a clean living environment.

Some people may believe that there is no need to clean the kennel, but if it is not cleaned for an extended period of time, it can cause health problems such as bedbugs and mites, and even endanger the puppy's and the owner's family's health. Keeping the dog's living environment clean and tidy can help to reduce many health issues and prevent health problems caused by health issues.

1.Bring this dog leash with you.

Going out to the dog on a leash as a responsible pooper scooper is basic literacy. Wearing a leash to the dog can avoid many risks, but it can also stop the dog from hurting people, ensuring the safety of others while also being for the good of the dog, but it can also control the dog because it sees too many people and is excited.

2.More activity for dogs

For the dog's health, the owner can engage it in more sports, which can help to improve resistance and immunity. More sunlight can also help to promote the development of the dog, do some training games during exercise, promote your feelings with the dog, and training can be used when the dog loves to eat chicken jerky as a reward, so that the dog obediently listens to your instructions.