Hong Kong visa

1. National strategy, social prosperity and stability. The Central Government fully supports Hong Kong's integration into our national strategic development. Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area is a dynamic world-class city cluster, the national financial technology technology innovation research center, China's highest degree of reform and opening up, one of the most vibrant economic and market activities in the region. work visa application hong kong"One Belt, One Road" is an important support, in the country's continuous development of the overall situation has a very important strategic position. The implementation of the National Security Act to make Hong Kong's social life more prosperous and stable, "post-epidemic world" Hong Kong has become the world's lowest-risk study destination.

2. Excellent geographic location. Hong Kong is a highly prosperous free port and an international metropolis. Hong Kong is an international innovation and technology center, an important international financial, trade and shipping center, and one of the freest economies and most competitive cities in the world. Hong Kong has a clean government, good law and order, a market-oriented economy and a sound rule of law. Hong Kong is also one of the world's top three financial centers, along with New York and London. Business internships are plentiful and graduates can work in some of the world's top banks and financial firms: JP Morgan, UBS, Citibank, HSBC. The strong business atmosphere not only provides students with more internship opportunities, but more importantly, students can go to the mainland to experience the most advanced knowledge system in the world.

3. Full English teaching environment. Education in Hong Kong is well developed and the quality of education enjoys a high reputation in the world. The English teaching environment in Hong Kong schools has to be regarded as a great learning resource. Whether students intend to work immediately after graduation or go abroad for further study, good English is the most basic requirement for internationalization. Because it is taught in English, transfer credits are available for applying to world-renowned English departments. At the same time, compared with domestic university students, the university four or six level exams become an insurmountable obstacle for students in the process of university study, and English also becomes an insurmountable obstacle for them to integrate into the world environment. If they want to go abroad in the future, they have to take TOEFL or IELTS language scores, and sometimes they have to spend a lot of time and money to prepare.

4. International outlook. Hong Kong is a world-class cosmopolitan city with an international outlook and vision, the most advanced education, living and working experience in the world, and a social circle that has expanded overseas. Each school has its own exchange program that allows outstanding students to study at Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and other prestigious schools for a semester or two. Basically, they have the opportunity to experience different cultures and knowledge from all over the world during the course of their schooling.

5. Scientific and leading teaching concepts, methods and models. The biggest experience of studying in Hong Kong is that the teaching method is different from that of the Mainland. Hong Kong continues the scientific and rational teaching system of the United Kingdom and the United States, and the curriculum is diversified, mainly focusing on how to work and the skills needed. The teaching form of the courses is totally different from the duck-filling teaching. Students' initiative is fully utilized through group discussions, classroom presentations, active research and social practice. During their stay in school, they are already equipped with the ability to adapt to the society, qualified working qualities and potentials. Hong Kong graduates have unrivaled advantages in staying in Hong Kong, returning to China or even working abroad after graduation.

6. Flexible academic structure, respect for the individuality of young children, and flexibility in changing majors. Hong Kong institutions are credit system and liberal arts education, advocating teaching without class, liberal arts, whole-person development education, taught students, erudite, broad knowledge, but do not carry out in-depth study of a specific analysis of a professional and technical areas, is in the third and fourth year of study of the foundation of the professional courses. Wait until the junior and senior, only in-depth understanding of the profession, so from this social level, associate degree thesis is the university management undergraduate sophomore, just a different way of saying, is for the dream of having a prestigious university students life more than one against the world's most prestigious universities springboard. So not only do they get better by dabbling in a full range of subjects when studying for an associate degree students need to choose the right direction for their country's future level of specialization when moving on to the next level. When advancing to Bachelor's Degree, they can directly find the direction of teaching subjects in their own specialty. Hong Kong school curriculum content is diversified, respect for different personalities, can improve the students to choose the ideal professional staff to provide full freedom of information. Mainland undergraduate school education method of admission is 1:1.2 delimitation of the score line, to reach the undergraduate line of students are destined to have 20% of the undergraduate admitted, in order to file admissions in the students can not be completely do not know according to their own professional preferences, was forced to set down by the solution to the study of four years of specialization, and it is difficult to have the opportunity to transfer to their own more like to go to study in their own specialties, which is also the existence of a lot of problems students on the University of Science and Technology after learning the spirit of motivation and desire to weaken anorexia, as well as the completion of graduation is not willing to engage in undergraduate studies in the English language major ability related to the work of the sector. Children do not have an interest in the professional teachers studied, is not active efforts to work hard and study hard, just people in order to mix a diploma passive coping, such a person almost wasted undergraduate four years of college time.

7. World-class faculty. The professors of the University of Hong Kong come from all over the world, and the vast majority of them are PhDs from famous universities. Hong Kong has Nobel Prizes, Fields Professorships, and is one of the world's largest investors in teachers, with annual salaries ranging from HK$2 million to HK$5 million. These investments in education are enough to ensure that teachers pursue academic and pedagogical purity, and to attract the world's best teachers. Many associate degree professors teach the same courses as undergraduate professors in Hong Kong, so there is no significant difference between the first and second years of a bachelor's degree program and the first and second years of an associate degree program. On the contrary, the income of teachers in domestic tertiary institutions is less than one-tenth of that of teachers in Hong Kong tertiary institutions, which makes it impossible for teachers to devote themselves physically and mentally to teaching and research, and the standard of teaching and scholarship is not guaranteed, not to mention international integration.

8. Top-notch teaching facilities and superior living environment. Most schools in Hong Kong have free gymnasiums, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts and so on. Provide students with a place to exercise after studying. Students develop in all aspects.

9. Wide choice and path after graduation. Hong Kong sub-degree is recognized by native English-speaking countries such as the United States and Australia. It can apply for undergraduate degrees from prestigious universities in these countries. It is a golden springboard to world-class universities. Secondly, you can also apply for junior and senior bachelor's degree programs from local universities.

10. Permanent Right of Abode. According to the policy of Hong Kong government, if you have lived in Hong Kong for 7 years, you can have a Hong Kong Permanent Resident Identity Card. 2 years Associate Degree + 2 years Bachelor Degree + 1 year Postgraduate Degree + 1 year Graduated with Hong Kong Unconditional Visa for Staying + 1 year Working = Getting a Permanent Resident worth $10 Million. Many parents think that the Mainland is developing very well and the conditions are favorable in all aspects, so they may not want their children to settle in Hong Kong yet. As a matter of fact, many children, after obtaining Hong Kong permanent resident status and enjoying the high welfare benefits in Hong Kong, then go back to work and settle in Hong Kong, they can enjoy the favorable treatment of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan's high-end talents in the Mainland, for example, they can settle in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou for free.