What makes it the summer?

Where did the term "summer" originate? Summer is a very old word. It was used in writing before the year 900 and is derived from sumor, an Old English term for season. Sanskrit sam, German Sommer, and the Dutch zomer are all related to it (which means [year").

What are your areas of weakness?

When hiring managers inquire, "What is your greatest weakness," they want to know if you are sincere, conscious of your shortcomings, and eager to learn. When answering the question, "What is your greatest weakness," pick a talent that is not necessary for the position you are going for, and emphasize how you are practically resolving your problem.

Why is a personal statement bad?

IMPLICIT GRAMMAR AND SPELLING Before you ruin yourself, double-check your spelling. The time and effort you put into your application will be questioned, along with your ability to proofread. By having your personal statement proofread, you may easily prevent using incorrect spelling and grammar.

Is Oxford or Cambridge more affordable?

The cost of attending Oxford is comparable to that of Cambridge, albeit Oxford is more expensive for students from outside the United States. In either case, both universities have less expensive tuition than US universities.

How should a sample personal statement be introduced?

Try to summarize this in one or two sentences after starting with the reason you chose it. Be creative and use your own experiences to gain attention. They want to know about you now, not your childhood or Shakespeare, so stay away from overused introductory words, quotes, and clich├ęs like "when I was young..."

Is booze permitted at MIT?

On the MIT campus, it is not permitted to own, serve, or consume alcohol at any time.

A poor person can attend Harvard.

Most significantly, your ability to attend Harvard College will not be impacted by your financial condition. We are aware that each student's financial situation is different. Your financial assistance specialist will work closely with you over the course of four years to comprehend your needs and ease the burden of paying for Harvard.

Should I insist that my kid attend summer camp?

Allowing your child to participate in decision-making is a wonderful idea; don't push him to attend camp if he expressly objects. Moreover, you can think about letting him choose between a day camp and a sleepaway program, for instance. Recognize that separation anxiety is common to some extent.

Can a lone person live in a dorm?

The Roommate Problem br> Living alone is your best option. For many institutions, renting out a full dorm to yourself will require an additional fee. Additionally, there is a case to be made that living alone can damage the social aspect of college, which is crucial to success.

Can you go beyond 47 lines in your personal statement?

You have a maximum of 47 lines, or 4000 characters, to work with rather than a strict word count. This is the only slot provided by UCAS on their online application system, Apply.