Slow computer startup?

Computer boots up slowly, like a turtle snail? Every time you wait for your computer to boot up, it's a long process that consumes precious time. Obviously, it doesn't start out that way. Why is it getting slower and slower? Let's figure it out together.

First. Reduce startup items

As we now have a lot of student computer system software companies will choose to with boot startup items, slightly carry out a did not pay attention to the case, the software boot startup items more and more, every time you boot up to bring so many software items to start, so it will lead to personal computer boot speed slow.

Setting method:

1. On the desktop, use the shortcut key [ win + R ] to open a window.convert pdf to word online for free adobe acrobat In the pop-up window, type [ msconfig ] and click OK as follows.

2.Then click Start on the menu bar in front of you and Task Manager will open. In the AutoManager screen, set it to disable the startup of software you think you don't need to start at startup.

Special Note: Do not disable unknown files, there may be system files, it is best to be careful in unknown situations. Avoid damage to the system, so that the system runs normally.

Second, set the fast startup

In addition to the above methods to solve the problem of slow startup of the computer, you can also set up a fast startup function to improve the startup speed of their computer.

Setting method:

1, also on the computer keyboard, use some shortcut keys [win + X] to open a shortcut management menu, the pop-up window click [Settings], and then in the search box, type [Control for the panel], and then we will open his own.

2. In the control panel interface, change the view mode to the upper right corner of the small box in the "small icon", and then go to "Power Options" and click enter.

3. The next step is to click [select the function of the power button]. In the system settings page, we can see the settings to enable fast startup, currently grayed out, indicating that the current state is not available, and then we click on [change the currently unavailable settings].

4. On the current screen, select "Enable fast startup (recommended)", and then click "Save Changes".

After setting up, do you obviously feel that your computer boot speed has a qualitative leap? From now on, the computer boot speed is no longer as slow as a snail. In addition, remember to clean up the garbage in your computer, so as to make your computer boot up smoothly and quickly.