presence of an antigen

1.Concerns that hair removal will harm sweat glands

Hair follicles and sweat glands are two distinct enterprise tissues; hair grows from hair follicles, dermes hairlesswhile sweat glands promote hair follicles next to each other; the two are not synonymous.

Hair removal only affects the hair in the follicle and does not seriously harm the sweat glands, let alone cause sweating through the sweat glands.

2.Concern that armpit hair will obstruct lymph node detoxification

Lymphatic fluid is a component of the peripheral immune system that filters and fights foreign viruses and bacteria. It is commonly thought of as the "detoxification" function that travels from mouth to ear.

Lymphocytes are normally dormant and can only be activated by the presence of an antigen, such as a foreign virus or bacteria invading the body.

External skin care products, massage, and other methods, on the other hand, have no effect on the lymph. Shaving armpit hair has no effect on lymphatic drainage.

3.Concerned that hair removal will harm students' physical health

Hair removal only has an effect on hair. It has no effect on the surrounding tissues or the "deeper tissues".

You can now choose how you want to accept and enjoy hair removal!

The top five hair removal methods

1. shaved

Shaving is the safest way to go as long as you don't cut yourself. Make sure your husband doesn't find out you stole his razor.

However, "not going to the roots, the spring breeze is strong," shaving can only target surface skin hair, dermeswhich is not sustainable. New hair will grow back after a few days.

2. hair removal

True warriors can pluck down their hair one by one. Using plucking as a teaching method to remove hair not only takes time, but it also hurts, and it cannot be overstated.

Because the irritation caused by plucking can make the skin susceptible to folliculitis, special precautions must be taken during the procedure.

However, plucking has the advantage of lasting a long time, which can be 6-8 weeks.

3. Creams for hair removal

The most common ingredient in hair removal creams is mercaptoacetate, which dissolves the hair into a "gel" that can then be easily "wiped off".

This method is quick and painless, but it is only effective for about two weeks. Furthermore, most hair removal creams have an unpleasant odor and can cause allergies.


Waxing is slightly less painful than the simple and brutal method of plucking, but it is only effective for hair dermesduring the growing season when taught in this manner.

Of course, if you only want to achieve a more precise local hair removal effect, such as a face "moustache," fine brow trimming, or bikini area, this method is optional.

5. Laser hair removal

Lasers and light can target melanin at the hair's root, focusing energy on the root and destroying the growing hair while removing the root for hair removal. Because the laser/photon is only effective on hair growth, the roots must be removed approximately 5 times in a row.

Because the laser targets melanin, the more visible the target and the better the relative results, the thicker and darker the hair. Coagulation point hair removal is a type of laser hair removal that is becoming increasingly popular.

When compared to traditional laser hair removal, freezing point hair removal is painless and can also shrink pores, leaving the skin delicate and shiny after hair removal. There is no post-operative recovery period. However, laser hair removal should still be performed by a licensed professional.

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