hong kong visa

Q: Can I not return to Hong Kong if my IANG visa is successfully approved?

A: No. After being approved for remote renewal, you need to enter Hong Kong, China with your visa within 6 months in order to be considered as a successful visa renewal.

Q: Is the IANG visa start date based on the date of payment?

A: When the IANG visa comes down, you will have the first entry time working visa extension hong kong, and you will enter Hong Kong within the stipulated time. The actual visa is calculated according to the time of the small white slip.

Q: IANG visa is interrupted, can I reapply for it?

A: Yes! It is an employment arrangement to return to Hong Kong, but you have to find a Hong Kong company willing to employ you first, sign a contract with you and provide the necessary documents for the visa.

Q: What should I do if I lose my job in my country during the epidemic work period and renew my visa?

A: If unemployment is affected by the epidemic, it is recommended to keep proper records of previous work, salary records and other documents to account for the impact of force majeure factors.

Q: If I didn't apply during the student visa period and my IANG was cut off in the middle, can I still sign an IANG?

A: There are no conditions for fresh graduates to apply within six months of graduation; for those who have returned to work in the Mainland after graduation, if they want to return to work in Hong Kong, as long as they can be employed by a Hong Kong company, they can apply for an IANG visa as well. However, the permanent residence status requires 7 consecutive years of endorsement, if the IANG is interrupted, this time will be recalculated.

Q: No need to come to Hong Kong to activate the IANG visa for renewal?

A: The new measure is only for company visa renewals, first time IANG visa applicants still need to come to Hong Kong for activation.

Q: What are the circumstances under which I cannot apply for extension of stay online?

A: According to the Immigration Department's regulations, those who have the following conditions cannot apply for extension of stay online.

1. Those who are staying in Hong Kong as visitors at the time of submission of application.

2. The period of stay of the current visa exceeds 4 weeks from the expiration date.

3. The period of stay of your current visa has expired.

4. Your travel document will expire within 3 months.

5. Those who have been informed by the Immigration Department that their next application for extension of stay will be subject to review.

6. Those who are currently staying in Hong Kong under the Non-local Graduate Employment Arrangement (NGEA) but are not yet employed by a Hong Kong company.

Q: Do IANG visas have to be renewed by the original employer? Can I apply for online application in a different place after I have changed my employer?

A: Yes.

Q: For online application for renewal of IANG visa, can the principal applicant and dependants submit the application together?

A: Yes.

Q: How can I know whether the application is approved or not after submitting the renewal application online?

A: After completing the application, the Immigration Department will notify the applicant of the result of the application by email/post.