processing and printing depth is different

Essentially, these two devices have different areas of application and different prices, and can be said to be two different devices altogether. Let me briefly introduce them to you.

Laser engraving machine is a kind of engraving and cutting equipment, while the laser marking machine is the use of the principle of the laser beam to make the surface material evaporate, reveal the deep material or lead to physicochemical changes,handheld laser marking machine so as to leave the desired etching patterns, icons, barcodes, etc., on the surface of the material, which is mainly used for marking.

processing and printing depth is different

Laser engraving machines generally have a deeper engraving depth and greater power. Its laser power ranges from 25W to 150W, and the depth of the engraved material can vary from 0.1mm to 80mm, depending on the material being processed. Generally speaking, wood products, sponges, acrylics and other materials have a deeper engraving depth.

The printing depth of the laser marking machine is usually less than 5mm, and its laser rate is between 10w and 100w.

processing speed is different

Laser engraving machine speed is generally 200mm/s cutting speed and 500mm/s engraving speed.

In contrast, the speed of the laser marking machine is generally three times that of the laser engraving machine. Therefore, in terms of speed, laser marking machines are faster than laser engraving machines. Just like mineral water producers, their production line can produce about 100 meters of product per minute.

Three: Marking machines are far more accurate and faster than engraving machines

The laser of the marking machine can use a fine beam to act on the surface of the material, and the width of the fine line can reach 0.02mm. this provides a wide application space for precision processing and anti-counterfeiting.

the difference between the marking format

Laser marking machine can generally mark 200 * 200mm format, while the engraving machine can handle larger formats.little pecker laser engraver As the laser marking machine works by scanning the galvanometer, its working width is relatively small. Laser engraving machines, on the other hand, replace the spindle with a laser focusing lens and operate using a laser instead of a processing tool. As a result, it is possible to process larger objects in a larger format as long as the xyz-axis is large enough, but the machine's impact on efficiency needs to be precisely controlled and handled. In addition, the laser power output is not limited as there are no current detectors, focusing lenses and other optical path systems more suitable for heat dissipation.

different lasers

The optical path system of a laser engraving machine consists of three reflecting lenses and a focusing mirror. Its laser is usually a carbon dioxide glass tube laser. The life of this glass tube laser is generally within 2000-10000 hours, belonging to the one-time use of the laser.

The laser marking machine lasers are usually metal tube lasers (non-metal marking machine) and YAG solid-state lasers (metal laser marking machine), and their life expectancy is generally more than 5 years. In addition, the metal tube of the laser marking machine can be inflated again for use.

distinguish between engraving and marking materials

Laser engraving machines can be used to engrave or cut a variety of materials, including glass, crystal, acrylic, wood, marble, fabric, leather, felt, paper, PVC, plastic, mosaic and other non-metallic materials.

While laser marking machines are mainly used in industries such as cloth, leather, wood products, ceramics or metal products.

To summarize, although their names are somewhat similar, they are actually not equipment in the same field and do very different jobs.