Spot welding method

With the rapid economic development of China's new energy vehicle financial market, lithium battery as a study of a high-performance, high-energy density power supply, has become an indispensable part of the field of electric vehicles. And in the manufacturing production process of lithium battery, welding is a problem vital step. This article will be from the principle of lithium battery welding, commonly used welding work method analysis, as well as their own future social development and change trends, etc. for your detailed design introduction.

First, the principle of lithium battery welding

Welding between lithium battery electrode sheet and electrolyte conductor is one of the important processes in the production of lithium batteries. Its main principle is to use high-frequency pulsed arc, between the electrode lug and the electrolyte conductor to generate high temperature and high voltage current, so that the electrode and conductor quickly melt and form a solid connection. The welding process requires strict control of welding parameters, such as welding temperature, time, pressure, etc., to ensure welding quality.

Second, lithium batteries commonly used welding methods

Spot welding method

Spot welding is a traditional welding method, is currently the most widely used welding method. It uses the principle of resistance heating, through the interaction of current and resistance, so that the welding material is heated and melted to form a strong connection.battery pilot machine The spot welding method is suitable for manufacturing large battery components, such as electric vehicle batteries and energy storage batteries.

Stretch Welding Method

The stretch welding method is a relatively new welding method that uses stretching to perform welding, which is accomplished by stretching the electrodes and leads. Compared to spot welding, stretch welding is more suitable for welding small batteries, such as watches and cell phones.

Ultrasonic welding method

Ultrasonic welding method is a development of very important advanced welding technology method, which uses high-frequency vibration problems generated by the ultrasonic energy, so that China's welded parts are affected by local vibration, and under the action of friction melts and forms a connection. Ultrasonic welding method has the advantages of fast welding speed, good welding quality and friendly environment, etc. It is suitable for the manufacture of battery system components of various sizes.

Laser welding method

Laser welding is a high-precision and high-efficiency welding method that utilizes a laser beam to heat the welded area above the melting point, and then utilizes a low-power laser beam to locally heat and cool the welded area to make the welded area more uniform and stronger.battery laser welding machine The invention is applicable to the welding of battery components of various sizes and shapes, but the cost of equipment is high.

Third, the development trend of lithium battery welding

With the expansion of the lithium battery market and increasing demand, lithium battery welding technology is also constantly innovating and developing. In the future, lithium battery welding will be developed in the following areas.

Increase in the level of automation

The future of lithium battery welding will pay more attention to automation and intelligence, such as the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies, which can achieve more accurate welding and processing. This will greatly improve productivity and product quality, and reduce production costs.

Welding quality improvement

The future of lithium battery welding technology companies will need to pay more attention to the improvement of welding quality and stability of the guarantee, for example,battery packing machine you can use China's advanced sensors and control management system for the welding process students to carry out real-time monitoring and control of the data, so as to be able to ensure that the consistency and stability of welding quality.

More environmentally friendly energy saving

The future of lithium battery welding technology will pay more attention to environmental protection and energy saving, such as the use of new power sources and increase the exhaust gas treatment devices to reduce energy consumption and pollution.

Diversified welding methods

Future lithium battery welding technology will introduce more welding methods, such as ultrasonic welding, laser welding, etc., to meet the needs of different industries on the welding method.

In short, the welding technology of lithium battery is a key link in the manufacture of lithium battery, and its development trend is also very rapid. In the future, with the continuous innovation and development of technology, lithium battery welding technology will develop in welding quality, welding efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving.

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