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Orgasms in runners are touted by some as a sensation where their body begins to propel them effortlessly like an autopilot.vibrator controlled by phone But is this true? And if so, what causes it?

If you ask a runner how his orgasm feels when he reaches mile 7 in his first marathon? He said he was just a quarter of the way through the race, already sweating and panting, when things changed The weight-bearing weakness that had originally caused him to stumble with his pace and cramp his calves suddenly disappeared. Somehow he felt lighter, almost as if he was floating in the air,bluetooth controlled sex toys and his pace began to pick up as he continued to pass others.

Tears of joy were left for this incredible race Is this a runner's high? I don't know if this is a runner's euphoria or some other pleasure, maybe it's all in my head. This feeling is attributed to a surge of endorphins,wireless vibrating bullet which are released in response to the stress that exercise puts on the body.

Endorphins are neurotransmitters or chemical messengers that activate the body's opioid receptors and have an analgesic effect. This effect causes the body to numb to the pain and create a feeling of euphoria. It also triggers the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that prevents pain and produces feelings of pleasure.

If there's a difference? It's that runner's orgasms are often associated with feelings of "oneness", "spirituality" or "peace" and are more like a euphoria, there must be something that makes the runner feel excited. There must be something that excites runners. Why else would people continue to subject themselves to the rigors of running hard on the sidewalk several times a week, if not every day?

This is probably why people are more or less addicted to running. The runner's high, like the high of some drug, triggers the reward pathway in the brain, and the brain naturally repeats the action to get that feeling again. But often the next time is never as good as the first, which can lead to addiction.