knowledge of hard disk partitioning

Many partners want to know some knowledge of hard disk partitioning, such as how to install the system, how to partition and so on. Now for you to introduce the hard disk partitioning, novice users can also quickly master oh ~ ~

Generally speaking, manufacturers will not partition the hard disk when the machine is shipped,merge pdf files i love pdf so many users will get a new machine after the first thing to do is hard disk partitioning. The main purpose of the partition is to facilitate data management, a hard disk divided into two or three zones, each with their own without affecting each other.

First, Win7/Win10 installation program comes with partitioning tools

Before partitioning, we need to find the system's disk management to complete;

Right-click "My Computer" on the desktop, and then click the "Management" option;

When we enter the disk management, this time we can see the computer's partition, we can only select the existing disk partition, and then right-click, select "Compressed Volume";

Enter the size of the space to be compressed and click Compress;

After the compression need to wait a moment, there will be black unallocated partition, select the partition right click, and then select "New Simple Volume", enter the partition wizard;

In the simple volume size, fill in the size of the new disk, here generally take the maximum value can be, and then click "Next";

For the new simple volume, select the disk letter, enter the name of your new disk, such as F disk, E disk, etc.; select the disk format, here we generally choose "NTFS", and then click "Next";

Wait for a while after completion, you will be able to see the newly created partition in Disk Management and Computer.

Data Management

At the end of the day, hard disk partitioning is very convenient when we use computers. In case one day which one of the zones collapsed reinstallation does not affect your other zones of data, not only data security, if infected with certain not serious virus, can also be convenient isolation. If one of our partitions is logically damaged, it does not affect the contents of other partitions, logically damaged data can also be repaired.

Logically corrupted data is normally repairable using a data recovery tool, such as using Hi Format Data Recovery Master. Not only hard disk data, computer recycle bin, U disk, memory card deleted or logically damaged data can be repaired with the help of tools.

How to partition a hard disk? Data management handily teaches you! Generally speaking, if your hard disk capacity is large enough, dividing it into several sectors is perfectly fine. But your hard disk capacity is not so big that you don't need to divide it into several partitions at all. At this point, if you need to, what you will be considering will probably be expanding your computer's memory.