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Speaking of printing, I believe that many of us think that a very simple, not in the document is organized after clicking "print" on the line? In fact, it is the printing technology or skills, especially when it comes to some small problems with the printer, master some of the skills to improve the efficiency of printing is very likely to help.

1. Order or reverse order

For many home users, when printing multi-page documents, they will find a very difficult thing. Print page order is reversed, the last page at the top, the first page at the bottom, each time after printing,online pdf conversion but also manually sort out the order of the pages to read or bind, if this is dozens of pages or even hundreds of pages of large drafts, this is a big problem labor. And office users encounter such a problem rarely, why? The reason is simple. Most home users use inkjet printers, but inkjet printers usually have their print side facing up when they print, so when they stack, they become the last to print on top of the page, which results in the reverse order. On the other hand, office users tend to use laser printers, which have the front side facing down, so they print in the same order as they print.

The solution to this can actually be quite simple, isn't it that our printing technology comes out with the manuscript in reverse order? Then simply print also in reverse order when printing, first hit the last page, so that a print design out of the page sequence will not be able to work properly? To do this, you just need to click on the Word menu in the "File" in the pop-up menu,merge pdf rearrange pages select "Options" and enter, select "Advanced", pull down the right-hand side features menu, find their own print this option, check the third item "reverse print management page", and then click on the bottom right corner of the system "OK". Well, this print out the contents of the manuscript in the normal order, no longer need to organize. Please note that this target setting generally need to comply with the jets, in line with the paper out of the printer when the print side up, if the time spent in different print side down in the laser, it is a mistake.

2. Manual duplex output, how to do a paper jam

Duplex printing has many natural benefits, after all, you can reduce the consumption of paper by half, so that the printing of the binding and carrying more convenient. Therefore, even without the use of automatic duplex printer unit of the printer, many users also use manual duplex output to achieve two-sided printing. And the realization of this method is very simple,pdf split and merge download online as long as the printing method is changed to "manual duplex printing" can be easily achieved.

This method of course we are not wrong, but manual duplex output has an important problem, that is, the print paper in the front of the information printed, prone to some slight deformation and folds, so that in the back of the print, the probability of paper jam will increase. And manual duplex printing technology once the paper jam when printing the back, the consequences will be very serious: the jam page will be null and void, another due to a variety of jams after the computer will be reissued the current page, which will directly lead to the subsequent study of the page sequence of the printed chaos, in this way, the entire system printouts will be null and void. If this is based on the print page number of manuscripts, the loss can be big. So for how to effectively deal with their own manual duplex printing when the paper jam?

Once the back is jammed, first put a piece of white paper on top of the paper, the back of the printer is placed in the feeder, and then take both sides of the printed paper out and put it on the side of the paper. Then open the printer cover, remove the card stock and continue printing. After printing, take out the backing paper of the paper drawer, which is the white paper that you put in earlier to print only one side. Based on the number of pages of the printed paper, return to the file and find out the number of pages of this paper; if it is 18, you can deduce that it is preceded by page 17.

At this point, turn this single-sided printout over, put it back in the feeder, re-enter Word and select Print. In the settings, "print all pages" to "customize the print range", and enter the number of pages to be printed. After printing, re-arrange the pages of the document, the document is complete.

3. Print to the document, what is this doing?

Printing, is not the document printed on paper? But in many graphics and office software, there is a "print to file" option, what is this thing? In fact, this is a virtual printer, virtual printer of many uses, the first is the format conversion, such as the installation of Microsoftprintto PDF virtual printer, you can use the print option, the Word document will be converted to PDF documents; if the installation of Microsoft XPS Document Writer virtual printer, you can output WPS files.

Of course, "Print to File" has an important use, that is, you can increase the convenience of printing. Let's say, we need to often use will be produced in their own homes and a variety of technical documents, but the home life does not have a printer, can only get the relevant units to work print, this time if the construction unit's computer does not have the system installed the same piece of software, on the blind. And even if the unit installed the same software, but if these fonts and libraries are not the same, so that even if the source file copied to the unit's computer, but also can not print out the same document with the home computer display.

In this case, the "Print to File" function is very important, using it to print the text of the print file format, so that the unit computer does not need the support of fonts and libraries, you can achieve the desired output. However, the PRN file generated by Print to File is not only large, but also cannot be opened for output by ordinary software that sends the file to the printer for printing. Also, although the PRN file has the same suffix, the printer model used must be the same as the printer model used for the final printout, as the printing language varies from model to model, or printing errors will occur.