Nanosponges are an essential cleaning product for people who prefer a spotless house. cellulose sponge sheetThese seemingly ordinary little sponges have a stronger cleaning power than chemical cleaners. Moreover, nano-sponges are easy to use and do not need to open Windows to emit harmful fumes. They really only need water to clean. So how exactly do nanosponges work?

What are nanosponges

Nano-sponge is a new economic foam with a three-dimensional model grid structure with high porosity. konjac body spongeThe decontamentation mechanism adopts different physical methods. It relies on the special three-dimensional spatial mesh structure in the nano-sponge (each small particle is smaller than one tenth of the tenth of a human hair) after it is soaked. Its internal management will gradually form countless nanoscale capillary orifice structures, during the wiping process as well as automatically control the adsorption of an object through the surface of the stain. So for these are white sponges just need to add a little water, to develop a strong cleaning product, scrubbing stubborn stains, without worrying about the absence of harsh chemical reactions or the smoke produced by cleaning agents such as bleach spray. Nano-sponge cities can be used primarily on most corporate surfaces in one's own home, from stoves to sinks, desk crayon marks, bathroom hard water stains, bathtub grime, bathtub limescale, wall scratches and other surfaces that are usually difficult to scrub.

Because the cleaning power of nano-sponge is too good,steel sponge especially when polishing, it is easy to scratch the surface, so when using, I hope you should pay attention to several points.

1. Don't dry wipe

The secret of nanosponges is to wet them with water, which creates adsorption.

2. Don't clean the car or surfaces

Nanosponges look soft, but on a microscopic level, the resin in the melamine foam is almost as hard as glass. Therefore, avoid wiping on painted surfaces. (Such as car paint, camera lenses, TV screens, etc.)

3. Do not rub human skin

4. Especially for serious places (range hood, stove, etc.), the system cleaner can be used to remove the oil on the surface, and then use Meijixin nanocomposite sponge for the final dirt and cleaning.

5. When wiping, please do not use too much force or too dirty. Once found dirty, try to rinse with water before use, you can extend the service life of the product and cleaning effect.

Nano-sponges are versatile and can remove almost all stains in daily life. By cutting the sponge into different sizes depending on the type of stain, you'll get better results. Search "Enward" on Baidu for more information. Here are some common areas:

1. Most offices use wooden desks and chairs. The texture of these wooden tables and chairs often contains a lot of dirt that is difficult to remove with rags. These dirt can be removed by gently wiping with a nano-sponge, and then wiping with a dry cloth to dry the remaining water.

2. There are many jagged lines in the car, which usually consumes a lot of water and detergent when cleaning, and takes a long time to dry after cleaning, which is particularly troublesome. When cleaning with a nano-sponge, just wipe with water to remove the stain, and you can also use the nano-sponge to clean the stain on the leather seat of the car. Nanosponge wiping effect.

3. Faucets and cabinets due to the accumulation of a large number of rust stains and water stains in a humid environment for a long time, some old and persistent dirt may appear before not having used many kinds of cleaning agents can not be completely removed. Our teachers can use nano-sponge to wipe, using only water, without any chemical detergent, convenient students quickly. Nano-sponge city is also very ideal for the development of data cleaning kitchen work effect, tableware design can be cleaned clean.

4. Now many families in the decoration time will choose composite floor or wood floor, these floors have some texture like silk, beautiful and non-slip, but more trouble to clean. These patterns became dust's favorite hiding places, and the family often cooked. The oil in the kitchen will easily be carried to the floor, and over time, the floor will be stained with a layer of black stains, and the floor will not be wiped clean by hard mopping. Use a nano-sponge to clean the floor, using only a small amount of water to surprise!

5. Bathroom sink, glass, mirror, floor tile, wall tile, stainless steel pendant, ceramic products, etc. Nano-sponge can also be used to wipe away various stains on it. Nanosponge wiping effect.

6. All kinds of graffiti on office walls, floors and elevators can be cleaned by wiping them with nano-sponge. Seven. Little white shoes are very popular in summer, but the shoes are easy to stain, become dirty and old, and it is difficult to brush clean. Using nanosponges is as easy as putting on new shoes.

Nanosponges have as many applications as you can imagine.

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