Thai massage has many benefits,the more they understand these advantages.

In general, the more people who have experienced massage, outcall massage the more they understand these advantages.

Massage is a leisure activity that has many benefits for the body.

Even from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, hong kong erotic massage which is the main technique used to allow the body to heal itself,

To give up a massage is to give up the right to feel good.

Today, we introduce the benefits of massage to the human body, and hope to promote it more.

Let all health friends and your relatives and friends can experience the fun of pressure massage together.

Benefits of Massage

1. Promote blood circulation and improve metabolism.

Whether lymph fluid and blood circulation in the body are smooth,

Can affect the body's rate of excretion of waste, toxins and other substances,

Therefore, through the correct massage techniques, the blood circulation can be maintained.

Speed up metabolism and smoothly dispose of waste in the body.

Massage from the nerve endings of the extremities towards the heart,

To help promote lymph and blood flow,

Can speed up the removal of waste, daily massage while watching TV,

It's easy to get healthier.

2. Relax muscles and increase joint flexibility

Massage can improve blood circulation and improve the soft tissues of the body.

To normalize the concentration of oxygen and other nutrients in body tissues.

Improves muscle stiffness and pain, increases joint flexibility, mobility,

And helps eliminate waste products such as lactic acid, reducing joint stiffness and pain.

3. Relieve stress and help you fall asleep

Massage is the best teaching method to make skin feel good and relieve skin stress,

Especially because of stress induced insomnia,

A relaxing massage before bed every day can help you fall asleep.

When the massage is over, the whole body is in the most relaxed state, which is the easiest time to fall asleep.

4. dredging meridians and promoting the movement of Qi and blood

When the system of the body is abnormal, a disease occurs and causes physical discomfort,

It can be used to massage the meridians,

Regulate body functions, enhance immunity,

This is also the main method of Chinese medicine to initiate the body's self-healing power.

5. Eliminate these toxins and slow down aging

Massage densely distributed lymphatic areas such as the face and neck,

It speeds up circulation in the lymphatic system,

Metabolize toxins and waste accumulated by the body over the years to slow down the aging process.

And the use of plant essential oils to allow the body to absorb the purest essence to nourish,

Help circulation and repair cells, a good fragrance will also make people happy mental life.

Improve lymph circulation, revitalize skin

Improves skin tone, reduces orange peel tissue,

To help with post-liposuction care,

For women, it can combat elephant leg symptoms, improve lower limb puffiness,

Prevent varicose veins, relieve patients of lower limb sore tissue regeneration and detoxification function.

7. Promote blood circulation, relieve blood stasis and relieve pain

The joints, tendons and muscles of the human body are squeezed, pulled, twisted or overworked by external forces.

Damage from sustained activity although no fractures or bruises or dislocations,

However, there is a pain phenomenon commonly referred to as "muscle injury". "

Clinical kneading muscle, can regulate muscle contraction and relaxation,

It can promote the blood circulation of the damaged tissue and has the effect of removing blood stasis and promoting blood circulation.

In fact, the benefits of massage are really endless, and only through personal experience can you truly appreciate them.

Don't be ticklish, afraid of strangers or averse to contact with others.

And closing the door on a massage to social health,

A professional relaxation massage won't make you feel uncomfortable,

You can also feel the joy of renewing your body's energy,