Should companies go digital? I believe that all business owners should have thought about this issue. This is either due to feedback from the company's internal needs, or pressure from competitors, or the result of partner hk In the end, most business owners have come up with the results. They all need to be digitalized. So for companies that have never been exposed to digitalization, is digitalization necessary?

Before we understand whether digitization is necessary, we need to know what digitization means to enterprises. It is actually very hcm I also mentioned to you in the last issue that digitization is a way to help enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency. It has wide coverage and reaches all locations, covering the entire enterprise to achieve the effect of cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Do you now think it is necessary for enterprises to digitize? From my own perspective, I think most companies need to go digital. Why do some companies decide to go digital? Because it is too difficult to generate business figures,sap consulting and costs are rising. This problem would not have been noticed when the business was developing at a rapid pace.

We can analyze this problem from the growth stage of an enterprise. At the beginning, everyone was a small business, with no money and no one, and the market was waiting to be developed. For this part of the enterprise, it is important not to talk about digitalization and solve the problem of food and clothing. , developing business is the key. The goals at different stages are different, and at this stage all the company has to do is develop business.

Ok, after a period of development, the number of people in the company has increased, the business has become relatively mature, and the data continues to rise. This is actually a good time to do digitalization, but it also happens to be this time when most business owners I won’t choose to go digital because my business is developing so well, so why should I touch that thing? Many business owners who choose to go digital in the future will have experienced this stage.

When an enterprise's business develops to a certain stage, the speed begins to slow down, and even serious decline occurs on a large scale. At this time, problems begin to be exposed, because without the support of high profits, things that did not seem to be problems in the past have now become It has become a big problem and the company lacks system support.

This is why companies are undergoing digital transformation. Digitalization is a trend that companies face in the market. It is a tool that helps companies reduce costs and increase efficiency. Of course, the premise is that it needs to be used appropriately and the layout is reasonable.