Icstation FM Radio Kit 76MHZ-108MHZ Soldering Project Radio Module DIY Kits, 2 PCS, DIY Radio Kit School Electronic Soldering Practice Set a STEM lab Science Education Physics

Price: $9.99
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Enjoy Your DIY FunAn excellent way to develop your soldering abilities and learn the foundations of working with printed circuit boards is with a DIY FM radio soldering kit.

These kits also introduce you to a wide variety of electronic components.

Low power consumption: When powered by two AA batteries, the digital automatic gain control (AGC) circuitry improves the stability of received signals while using the least amount of power possible—roughly 19mA in total.

This radio requires a working voltage of DC3V and runs on a frequency modulation (FM) range of 76-108MHz.

It also has a power failure memory function.

Additionally, the gadget has a radio station memory capability that enables it to automatically display the most recent radio station and volume level when turned on.

Circuit Board Soldering Kit with Helping Hands Soldering, Rework Station, PCBite Kit with 2X SQ200 and 4X SQ10 hands-free Probes, and Third Hand Tool

Price: $289.00

2 SQ200 200 MHz and 4 SQ10 hands-free probes are included in the PCBite kit.

Reduced gravity in the SQ series to enhance probe stability Longer cable, scaling support, tip protection, and multiple ground options Maximizes measurement potential by being portable or hands-free.

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Three pieces of the 10x22cm Single Side Universal Paper Printed Circuit Board for Do-It-Yourself Soldering

Price: $8.99

FR1 94HB Bakelite DIY Prototype Circuit Board Breadboard is the product.

The dimensions are approximately 10x22 cm / 3.9x8.6 inch (W x L); the hole (row x column) is 78 x 36.

The thickness and hole diameter are around 1.2 mm and 2.54 mm, respectively.

Characteristics: - The prototype boards are one-sided and thick.

Soldering components on to the plated holes is a breeze because they are sturdy and pre-coppered.

APPLICATION: A solderable PCB allows you to move your circuit and wires from a breadboard that plugs in without having to recut any wires or rearrange your layout.

Ideal for DIY soldering on a point-to-point basis.

Contents of the package: 3 pieces of Universal PCB Board

PCBite kit with two SQ10 DMM probes | Helping Hands | Improve Your PCBite Kit | Boost Your Electronics Workbench Performance

Price: $119.00

PCBite kit including two SQ10 DMM probes Color-coded holders and stable lower gravity allow for simple identification.

Probe holder and baseplate are included; can be used handsfree or handheld.

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PCB Circuit Board Solder Mask Repair Kit Use for Repair Computer, Mobile Phone PCB Circuit Board Layer Peeling or Local Damage (Flashlight and Green Oil)

Repair kit:The flashlight and green oil are important and affordable accessories for BGA soldering.

Product Usage:Dedicated to repair computer, mobile phone PCB circuit board layer peeling or local damage.

Note:To prevent the solder mask ink attach to the stencils, it is recommended to treat the stencils with the flux.

Optional Package List:Three different sorts, plenty to suit your basic needs.

Quality:Made of high quality material, sturdy and practical to use.

DEVMO 500 Pieces Mini Solderless Breadboard with 400 Ties and 400 Contacts, 400 Points Prototyping Shield for DIY Electronics Testing

★400-point breadboard with two power lines, one for each type of voltage.

ideal for prototyping and testing Arduino Shield devices.

★The insert wire size ranges from 21 to 26 AWG, with a diameter of 0.016 to 0.028 inches (0.4 to 0.7mm).

It is compatible with leaper wire kits.

★Black printed legend on a white ABS body.

★Easy to attach to the Arduino Prototype Shield thanks to the self-adhesive tape on the back.

Color legend on distribution strips.

Excellent kits for do-it-yourself projects and Arduino breadboard kit proto shield.

200 x 150 x 1 mm, 2 pieces, Aoje-Link Double Sided Copper Clad PCB Laminate Circuit Board, FR-4 Glass Fiber

Price: $13.38

Dimensions: 7.87 x 5.91 x 0.04 mm (L*W*T), Material: FR-4 Glass Fiber, Copper.

Application: Primarily utilized in education, training, handcraft production, and DIY electronics hobbyists for electronic circuit design.

A perfect PCB substrate for handcrafted or do-it-yourself circuits, it has high-quality red copper plate and fiberglass board, a close fit, exact etching circuit, good quality, and no scratches, scorching, oxidation, or falling off.

Function: The board made of glass fiber is resistant to corrosion.

Drilling doesn't produce burr when the circuit is engraved.

When insulating paint is sprayed on the copper surface, it adheres strongly, performs well as insulation, and is difficult to remove.

The hole's roundness is very precise and difficult to distort.

Contents of the package: 2 PCB Copper Clad Boards.

22 gauge (0.64 mm) thick copper sheet plate 99.9% Purity Thickness 12 in. x 6 in. Copper Metal Rack Superior Thermal and Electrical Conductivity, Strong Resistance to Corrosion (2 Pack)

Price: $21.99

22 Gauge, or 0.64 mm width and thickness: 30.5 x 15.3 cm (12" x 6").

99.99% pure copper that resists corrosion, is robust, easy to cut, and Outstanding electrical, thermal, and corrosion resistance ability Excellent bending, clean finish, good edges, and no cracks Perfect for any small-scale crafts, artwork, jewelry creation, printmaking, electroplating, mending, painting, and gasket construction.

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