What do you need to master for search engine optimization? You must not know these search engine optimization techniques!

What skills do you need to master for search engine optimization? The fact is that search engine optimization is a technique in itself. The main purpose of optimizing a search engine is to allow users to search for keywords on a search page. So, what search engine optimization do you need to have?

First, the search engine function

Search engine optimization need to master what techniques? First of all, you need to understand what functions of the search engine. The main process is as follows:1 . Collecting information. 2. Checking information. 3. Indicator data. 4. Ranking description. Baidu search crawl information technology is called "Baidu spider". Baidu spiders crawl website content first,seo company then filter the content, then store and categorize the information. When a user searches for relevant keywords, the website will appear.

SEO related terms

1. Whitehat (WhitehatSEO). The development of this technology is in line with the principles of search engine publishing,seo agency but also the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in China can use the optimization of research methods, this teaching method not only needs to comply with the rules can also avoid operational risks.

2. Static page. Static pages, also known as HTML, the initial stage of the general site is a static page.

3. find text. The technique involved is called anchor text, also known as anchor links. As the name suggests, it is a type of hyperlink,google seo optimization mainly connecting keyword links to other web pages and locating text.

4.HTTP Status Code. The code that the server will return in response to a request when a user visits a website in a browser.

5. Website for domain name. Website domain name is the address that users can use to log in to the system website, the website domain name is unique will not lead to the emergence of an identical situation.

6. Web site. Used to build a website

7. Database site. Used to store the content released by the site, such as articles released by the site.

8. Website filing. The domain name that binds the site to a domestic host.

9. Residence program. The necessary language program of the website, usually there are: PHP, ASP, JAVA. three types.