Microwave as a probe / probe locator / microwave for calibration sheet product technology applications

I. Microwave Probe Product Introduction

Designed microwave probe with air coplanar structure. It has excellent microwave and microwave characteristics, characterized by high reliability, long life and easy to use (probe tip is clearly visible). It can provide different frequency ranges, pressure point form and probe spacing products, so that the choice of microwave probe products to achieve accurate and reliable measurement of the wafer.

1, performance characteristics performance characteristics

● High performance: High performance: Insertion loss is 0.6dB @ 50GHz;wafer test typical value of return loss is 18dB @ 50GHz.

* ● High service life: High service life: 1 million service life

● High Compatibility: High Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of commercially available calibration software and on-chip calibration components.

● Multi-series: Multi-series: meets the needs of 40GHz / 50GHz / 67GHz 100μm~250μm for different inter-probe spacing, different indentation forms and product functional test systems.

Excellent indentation flatness

● Temperature range: -60 °C ~ 175 °C

● Maximum DC current of 4.5 A

● Maximum withstand power of 5W (@10GHz)

2、Typical Applications Typical Applications

● Microwave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC) product testing

● Microwave transistor parameter extraction

● Noise for parameter, load traction system testing

Probe locator introduction

Product Overview

This probe positioner has the advantages of sub-micron high-precision positioning, high-stability linear motion, five-axis feeding, wafer level testingetc. The X, Y, Z axis positioning accuracy is as low as 2μm, and it also has θ-axis leveling and γ-axis tilting adjustments, which can satisfy a variety of on-chip testing needs for microwave and DC probes.

1、Performance features

●High positioning accuracy, using 0.7 μm high-precision screw, to ensure the micrometer horizontal positioning resolution, high rigidity structure design, linear displacement, small return clearance, small positioning error

● High reliability By optimizing the machining process, the structural strength of the motion mechanism is improved and the overall life is extended.

● Multi-dimensional Positioner structure can be X, Y, Z, θ, γ five-dimensional direction of the precision positioning system control

● Linear motion, precision roller guide, X-Y-Z linear motion, no drift

●Magnetic adsorption magnetic adsorption base, switch control, failure analysis ultra-thin design.

●Free configuration, optional left/right hand configuration, ergonomic design, good handling, small footprint

● Various probe fixtures provide a variety of standard or customized probe fixtures and probe to positioner adapters.

2、Typical Applications

● I-V/C-V testing, RF testing

● High voltage and high current testing

● Failure analysis

3、Product Specifications

● X-Y-Z Stroke: 12mm × 12mm × 12mm

● Screw resolution: 0.25mm/revolution

● Motion accuracy: 0.7 micron meters

● Multi-point temperature probe technology level adjustment ± 10 °, accuracy 0.1 °

● Tilt angle adjustment ± 3 °, accuracy: 0.1 °

● Dimensions (W×D): 90 mm×60 mm

Microwave Calibrator Introduction

Product Overview

The microwave calibrator on-chip microwave calibrator adopts coplanar waveguide design and high ceramic film technology with excellent low standing wave and small insertion loss to meet the needs of industrial applications and realize accurate and reliable testing of wafers.

1、Performance features

● High accuracy: DC system accuracy ±0.3% for 50Ω loads

* ● Cost-effective: each calibration part contains 48 sets of calibration standards;.

● High compatibility: Suitable for various commercial calibration software and microwave probes;

● Multiple serialization: 40GHz/50GHz/67GHz/110GHz products.

● Applicable calibration methods: SOLT, LRM, LRRM, SOLR, TRL and multi-line TRL;;

● Ceramics as substrate, durable for portable devices;

* ● Strong technical support team for chip calibration and testing in China.

2、Microwave Probe Leveling Tablets

Used for various types of microwave probe leveling substrates, high ceramic film technology ensures excellent flatness index.

3、Microwave absorber sheet

Used in conjunction with on-chip microwave calibrators above 75GHz to reduce the impact on chip leakage and improve test accuracy.