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PDF (Portable Document Format) originally intended for portable electronic document data format

This is a very familiar file format. Professional workplace are regarded as a must-have file format, now on the market for a variety of endless PDF conversion/generation/annotation tools is a side reflection of the PDF of the fire.pdf to word converter offline software free download full version

Nevertheless, why do we think that PDF is the mainstream office documents? We ourselves are not a little bit of knowledge can be gained through learning from it is what work experience to inspire?PDF What are the drawbacks? Today, we will take a look at the PDF of this matter.

PDF was born in the 1990s, but its design concept is much higher than the average PDF format at the time, has now become one of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards!word to pdf converter online i love pdf

Advantages of PDF format files

1. can be opened across devices and systems.

PDF files At the beginning of the birth of PDF, the use of PDF have to rely on Adobe's own specialized software.

Today, as an international standard, PDF is almost all major operating systems can be directly opened and viewed the default format. And whether desktop computer equipment/tablet equipment/mobile phone mobile devices, almost all can be opened directly.jpg to pdf converter and combine

It can be said that PDF has long been not the Adobe family's private property, but through a fact that the majority of people around the world can be accepted by the office document management standards.

2. to ensure that the content of the document is presented in a consistent manner

from the origin can be seen, the PDF format from Adobe, from desktop printing, typography, image processing began. pdf files based on Adobe technology, can be friendly to print. In other words, the original font color images can be reproduced on different devices. We know that if some office documents (not by name) to another device, due to the device's different fonts, print show the effect may be completely different. PDF from the beginning of the design to realize this, which has been beyond the level of the birth of the era. Even today, it is very practical and considerate.

3. support a variety of functions

From its birth in the 1990s to the present, around the PDF file format has a variety of scalable / integrated features and solutions.

For example: multimedia integration / highlighting annotations / notes review / handwritten signatures / form collection / print to PDF / content encryption / digital signatures / distribution restrictions

These features can make PDF in the circulation of business documents almost to become the only standard, whether it is out of a briefing / ask for a quote / sweep a bill / open a historical proof, or sign a resolution, may be PDF documents in the back of capital operation or flow.

Although pdf is good, but surely someone will ask why I see around are Word / PPT / Excel ah, PDF on the contrary, seldom see? PDF can not be easily edited (in fact, can) makes most of the process has been solidified / set of mature business scenarios more suitable. And here we may still be in a variety of high-speed development of business, the stage of continuous innovation, so it is not yet fully applicable to the period. However, within the enterprise, the flow of pdf has long been the norm.