The Difference Between Facials at Home and Facials at the Salon

Many people think that going to a beauty salon is a waste of time and money, and that facials can be done at home by just hydrating and applying masks. Bian Xiao is here to tell you seriously, this idea is really wrong!

Now I will give you to analyze the problem to analyze the difference between the two kinds of:

1. home mask: home mask is unavoidable, if you just apply the knowledge of moisturizing mask and use skin care products. That is not right, if this skincare moisturizing useful, some people do not need to go to the beauty salon and at home mask. This is not only a waste of money and time, but also useless! Because the home mask is only the epidermal layer of hydration, simply put it on, in fact, you are at home mask essence of moisture are left on the surface of the mask, and not absorbed into it. Many of you may think that the remaining moisture on your face will be absorbed after the mask is applied.

However, let me tell you that this is the easiest way to cause sagging of facial skin and easy loss of moisture. There is a self-regulating function in our facial skin that locks in the moisture in the skin and prevents moisture loss. If you don't take care of your skin in the right way, the self-regulation function will be weakened and your skin will not store water automatically. In other words, no matter how you apply the mask, the skin will not absorb it. On the contrary, if you don't take good care of it, the outside air will absorb the water! So, hydration is not as simple as you think!

2. Beauty Salon Facials: Choose a beauty salon for your treatments because they are more professional. Beauty salons have a wide variety of skin care products. There are also a lot of people who say that going outside and picking out a facial will have the right mask for your skin. That little makeup artist asks you if the person selling the mask will tell you exactly how to go back and use the mask that will promote absorption more easily. The most she can do is talk to you. Go back and apply for 20 minutes and then take off clean.

Salon treatments are an hour and a half long. Each step is professionally timed (the specific steps are: cleanser, toner, exfoliation, mask, massage, face mask, facial). Each step is professionally trained and the people at the salon will tell you which products are appropriate. At the end of the treatment, they will also tell you what to do when you go back to stay hydrated.

Every step of the work we are through professional, salon treatments are professional technical techniques can help you absorb, and not just patting like home masks. Simple question, beauty salon techniques as well as professional students comfortable,Mioggi Facial the product has suitable for business any skin type, will also help you manage to analyze Chinese skin. And their own for home facial mask is just a own put on the mask, with skin care products. The same is facial care, why not use the beauty salon more comfortable and more professional skin care research methods?