Do you know the characteristics of personal radiation dosimeter

When we need to measure the intensity of radiation in our living environment, we need to detect it through specialized instruments. Since radiation can exist in a variety of environments, in order to be portable and easy to use, you can use a portable personal radiation dosimeter,tds meter the use of which can show a number of features.

1. The instrument can use Bluetooth wireless network communication system function can be realized in about 10 meters range of enterprise two-way communication.

2. Can store a large amount of data, normal use with 1500 hours of data storage capacity, can realize weekly communication.

3. Continuously adjustable threshold alarm. Personal radiation detector with cumulative dose, dose rate, blocking, timeout and other threshold alarm functions.

4. The operation and management process can be automatically recorded in the enterprise financial data, when the instrument power outage or replacement of batteries do not lose data.

5. The configuration of the instrument meets the requirements of an ordinary computer, which is networked with the microcomputer and constitutes a perfect management system. Threshold, calendar, time and other parameters can be adjusted according to the actual requirements of the user,dosimeter vs geiger counter the dosimeter can be set by the computer.

6. The instrument has a database, which can be queried at any time for historical testing data and curves.

7. Cumulative dose, dose rate, working time, time and size of maximum dose rate, cumulative dose threshold, dose rate threshold and other parameters can be displayed in real time.

8. Personal radiation detector can be used for detecting radiation alone, or it can be used in conjunction with a computer, connected with a data reader, and connected with a local area network.

9. Personal information radiation detector can be portable product design, small size, simple operation, geiger counter radiation detectoreasy to carry.

10. In the operation of the instrument has the ability to resist electromagnetic interference.