That's the worst thing about female masturbation, isn't it?

Today I would like to talk with you about the wants and needs of single economic people

Last year, a hashtag # China200 million-plus Single adults appeared on Weibo, best phone controlled vibratorstriking a chord with many single young people.

According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, best phone controlled vibratorthe number of single adults in China reached 240 million in 2018, including 77 million living alone, and the number is expected to rise to 92 million by 2021.

How do these large groups of singles live in the real world, how do they handle their desire for love and sex, and what dilemmas and issues need to be addressed?

Some time ago we did some surveys and story collection among our single fans.

It summarizes some sexual problems that girls often encounter when they are single.

As you'll see in this episode:

1. Is masturbation too often harmful to the body?

2. Will masturbating with small toys affect your future sexual experiences?

3. Ashamed of wanting to use small toys, best phone controlled vibratorI have suppressed my sexual desire. Is it bad for my health?

Is masturbation too often harmful to students' health?

She had been single for over 20 years, best phone controlled vibrator5 years or more, until she realized she had a sexual desire.

For a long time, best phone controlled vibratorI basically relied on some literary and film works for comfort.

In my long single life, my best friend gave me female sex toys that opened the door to a new world of sexual pleasure.

The only question to worry about might be, is masturbating too often bad for you?

Masturbation, best phone controlled vibratorin moderation, is not harmful, and may even be beneficial?

First, affirm a girl's self-pleasing behavior.

We entertain ourselves in different ways for each student age group.

For example, in early childhood, children can get pleasure and satisfaction by sucking on their mother's nipples, defecating, and kneading or rubbing their legs.

In the sexually mature youth stage, proper masturbation is not only harmless, but also has many benefits for the body:

Masturbation can help students better understand their own bodies, improve sleep quality, and promote estrogen production.

At the same time, when masturbating, the body releases dopamine and oxytocin, which produce more positive emotions and help relieve depression for at least 24 hours.

Not only that, but according to a study published in the journal Social Open Science:

Compared to women who have sex every month.

Women who had sex every week had a 28 percent lower risk of menopause.

Women who had sex at least once a month were 19% less likely to enter menopause than those who had sex at least once a month.

In other words, for single people:

Proper masturbation, really we can delay aging by.

However, the focus of the girl's confusion was the word "too often."

As the saying goes, "more is not enough."

Anything that is healthy for physical and mental development will definitely have a negative impact on students' physical activity.

However, there is no specific standard to measure frequency, as each person's physical condition and level of sexual desire is different.

Wei Zi, as a "physical exercise", is exhausting.

Some people may feel tired after masturbation, lumbar acid, lower abdominal pain, there may be a small amount of bleeding (a small amount of bleeding caused by endometrial contraction, as long as less than the amount of menstruation is not serious) or increased secretions.

If the hygiene is not done well, it may also occur vaginitis and urinary tract infection.

However, in most cases, nearly 70% of us are able to exercise control and manage our masturbation behavior and make a reasonable arrangement.

As long as you feel comfortable, do a good job of cleaning and protection, it will not have too much impact on the body.

Does masturbating with small toys affect later sexual experiences?

Whether it comes from the outside or the inside. To be human, we need to accept that people have desires, so there's nothing to be ashamed of.

Physically, masturbation research has helped me better understand students' own bodies and needs. The development of my libido is usually related to periods and stress.

Once I am familiar with my own regular development cycle, I can get a better sense of how to deal with my students' own "superiors" and also help me recognize the problems that our own business has faced recently in China.

Self-sufficiency is indeed joyful and fulfilling.

The girl's confusion:

Does masturbation with a small toy affect their own future sexual experience with a partner?

Sexual experience varies from person to person.

In addition to vaginal laxity, many people may be concerned about whether masturbation affects clitoral sensitivity.

The answer is: No.

In addition to the pelvic floor muscles and other supporting structures to maintain the position and tightness of the vagina, the vaginal wall itself is elastic, and there are a lot of elastic fibers in the wall, which can ensure that the vagina is free to expand and expand within a certain range, becoming wider and longer.

Because of our problem, the vagina is very malleable and does not appear to relax easily by having sex, masturbating, or using environmental tampons.

There are only two things that can relax a vagina:

Aging and childbirth.

Long-term high intensity physical and psychological stimulation can temporarily raise the threshold of brain stimulation, but this is reversible, so masturbation does not reduce the sensitivity of the woman's clitoris, and the effect on the sexual experience with the partner is naturally not to mention.

To be honest, when we collect information in the background, very few women come to consult because masturbation can affect the sexual experience.

On the contrary, some men often ask: "After all, manpower is not better than electricity."

If a woman masturbates is "bad", then we may be because there is only this one.

Do you want to be ashamed of your little toy and repress your sexuality all the time, which is bad for you?

Now I use sex toys to satisfy myself every month and constantly explore ways to make myself orgasm.

If I hadn't met the right man, I might have stayed single and never needed a man.

In fact, at first, I was worried that I would be embarrassed to use sex toys as a child.

However, as my students got older, I worried that suppressing my sexuality was bad for my health.

Later, I learned a lot of basic knowledge, but it was very open.

Why do I have to have sex with men to please myself?

Girls confused: Want to use small toys, and feel ashamed, has been repressed sexual desire, harmful to the body?

There is no need to learn to be ashamed of physical needs and desires, and appropriate relief is good for the body.

As for the shame of using small toys, the girl in the second story answers this social problem perfectly: "We ourselves are born as a human being, and our country needs to educate people to have desires by receiving them." There's nothing to be ashamed of."

Sexual desire is a biological human instinct.

As students grow older and mature physically, sexual desire develops vigorously.

As one of the human instincts, it has the significance of reproduction, happiness and maintenance of health.

If sexual desire is suppressed for a long time, it will have some negative effects on people's physical and psychological development.

Freud clearly pointed out that excessive restraint can lead to neurosis or sexual dysfunction.

Regular and moderate sex life can improve people's work efficiency and job satisfaction, make people more active in work, but also release endorphins, improve people's pain tolerance, relieve headaches, toothaches, joint pain and other pain.

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