Scrubber and scrubbing vacuum cleaner in the end, which is good, because the results are clear at a glance after a thorough comparison.

Scrubber for the floor

When it comes to "scrubber" and "scrubbing vacuum cleaner," the scrubber's "visibility" is still slightly better, not because it is better, but because it receives more publicity across the entire network. Many people are planted in it after understanding its function and are willing to pay for it, thanks to the overwhelming propaganda.

After using the floor scrubber, there is no doubt about itscommercial wet and dry vacuum cleaner benefits. Although it does not completely free your hands, it does make cleaning more efficient and simple. My home floor cleaning was a "huge" project before I got the scrubber, first sweeping, then mopping, the process inevitably rickety body bent over, the hands also have to make some effort, or the ground stains will not be clean. The entire process of reducing back pain is unavoidable.

Mopping is much easier with the scrubber because it combines vacuuming, mopping, and drying into one, making it very convenient and hassle-free.

Vacuum cleaner for scrubbing the floor

Although the scrubber is effective, home cleaning entails cleaning tables, chairs, sofas, beds, and a variety of other surfaces.

This series of issues has been resolved by the introduction of wsetfloor scrubbing vacuum cleaners. Many people, as the name implies, misinterpret "floor vacuum cleaner" as "a vacuum cleaner used to scrub the floor; if so, its function is limited; that function is not the same as the "scrubber"?

If you really want to analyze it by name, you should interpret it as "a vacuum cleaner that can scrub the floor," because scrubbing the floor is only one of its functions; different brush heads will give it different functions.

It can not only meet the ground cleaning, but also the entire house cleaning products, the cleaning scene is very rich, and the fixed point dirty cleaning is also very convenient and efficient. After personal experience, I discovered that this is a genuine cleaning tool that can significantly improve one's happiness.

Different brush heads allow it to meet the needs of different qs top universitiesvacuuming and wiping scenes, including not only the ground, but also sofas, bookshelves, corners, beds, curtains, and keyboards, resolving the problem of cleaning the entire house, which is required by all families!