Curtains are essential items in the home, not only do you need curtains for shading and privacy, but you can also rely on curtains for soundproofing, heat insulation, and beautification of the living room. Modern fabric design curtains can be said to be the perfect combination of practicality and beauty of the work of art.

There are many types of curtains, which can be categorized into fabric curtains, roller blinds, roller shades, gauze curtains and so on.

1. Fabric curtains

Fabric curtains are made of cotton, hemp, polyester, silk and so on. , can also be woven from a variety of raw materials. Cotton fabrics are soft and feel good; hemp fabrics drape well, straight, strong texture; silk fabrics Roman Shade Curtain are noble and gorgeous, made of 100% natural silk. Polyester fabric is stiff, bright color, no fading, no shrinkage.

2. Roller blinds

As the name suggests, the curtains can be rolled up curtains, with the characteristics of easy to put away. It can be divided into fabric roller blinds, synthetic fiber roller blinds, wood roller blinds, bamboo roller blinds. One of the synthetic fiber blinds are woven through a special process, can reduce the intensity of 8 daylight radiation, the formation of diffuse reflection effect indoors, in the office space used more, at home can be used for study.

3. Blinds

Blinds are generally divided into wooden blinds, aluminum blinds and bamboo blinds. The most important feature of the blinds is that they can be adjusted from different angles, making a variety of indoor natural light.

4. Bead curtains, thread curtains

Beaded curtains and curtains are a new product that has emerged in recent years: beaded curtains are made of glass beads or crystal beads strung together, and curtains are made of a variety of fabric products woven into a line. Beaded curtains and curtains are common features between them are designed by a combination of multiple threads, decorative and strong, in the curtains belong to their own special product varieties, mostly used in some of the space can be partitioned environmental decoration.

5. Gauze curtains

Gauze curtains made of full gauze, mostly translucent, can play a role in softening the space, giving people a hidden hazy feeling. The use of gauze curtains indoors can make the space feel very warm and romantic, you can also consider using gauze curtains together with fabric curtains for a better effect. Fabrics can be divided into polyester, simulated silk, hemp or blended fabrics, according to its process can be divided into printing, embroidery, jacquard and so on.

6. Bamboo curtains

Bamboo curtains give a feeling of antique elegance, so that the space is full of books and books. Curtain collection can be folded, pushed and pulled or front rolled, you can also add different styles of curtains as accompaniment to the bamboo curtains. Most bamboo curtains are treated with mildew inhibitors and varnish, so you don't have to worry about mold and insects. Bamboo curtains are easy to clean, not afraid of washing, function better than fabric curtains, beautiful style is incomparable to other curtains, suitable for pure natural style home. But the bamboo curtains poor light transmission, the material is more elaborate, so the price is high.

7. Shading curtains

The biggest role of shading is to reflect the sun, reduce the exposure of sunlight to the interior space, the material is mostly shade cloth, similar to the material used to make umbrellas. Many curtains have a lightweight shade sewn to the back. When purchasing curtains in some very hot areas, it is best to choose these curtains with a shade cloth on the back.