stone sulfur compounds

1, stone sulfur compounds - a variety of pests and diseases

The main economic component of the stone sulfur agent is calcium polysulfide, with cultural penetration and erosion of germs and pests epidermal waxy layer of the ability to spray in the plant through the body surface without the formation of a student layer of film, to protect the study of plant cells from germs, suitable for spraying in the plant before the onset of the disease or the early development of the disease.

Stone sulfur mixtures can not only effectively prevent and control powdery mildew, scab, anthracnose, ulcer, gum disease, rust and black spot of many kinds of fruit trees, but also have a wide range of prevention and control, and also have a better prevention and control effect on red spiders, ticks, and chitons and other fruit trees. In production,RAMBO insect killer supplier generally after winter pruning of fruit trees, the whole garden will be sterilized by spraying rock sulfur mixture.


Avermectin is a kind of high efficient and broad-spectrum antibiotic insecticide and mite killer, it has gastric toxicity and poisoning effect on insects and mites, and has no systemic effect, but it has stronger penetration to leaves, and it can kill pests under the epidermis of leaves, and it has long residual effect. Mites and insect larvae immediately appear paralyzed after contacting the pesticide, do not move and do not eat, and die after 2~4 days, with little residue on the surface of the plant, which is very harmful to the beneficial insects.

It can be used for the control of leaf mite, mite, tea leaf yellow mite and various kinds of aphids in fruit trees, vegetables and grain crops.

3,Imidacloprid-Sucking Mouth Pests

Imidacloprid is a super-efficient use of fumonisine insecticides, with broad-spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity, low residue characteristics, pests are not easy to develop different resistance, safe for humans, animals, plants and natural enemies and other technical characteristics, and has a multiple effect such as poisoning, gastric toxicity and endosulfanation, pests for contact with the agent, the central nervous network of the normal signal conduction is impaired,VITFE insect killer manufacturer so that it can be paralyzed by their own death.

It has better control effect on aphids, lice, leafhoppers and thistle, but it is ineffective against nematodes and red spiders, and it is harmful to bees.

4,Amitraz - Hemiptera Insects

Acetamiprid has the effects of contact killing and gastric toxicity, and is highly permeable in plants. It is suitable for controlling the damage caused by Hemiptera pests to fruit trees, vegetables and other crops, resulting in paralysis and death of the insects.

It can control various Hemiptera insects such as aphids, leafhoppers, whiteflies, mesquite, mesquite and so on. Effective against the little cabbage moth, the hidden moth, the small heartworm, the aspens and the thistle horse. Use of pellets as a soil treatment can control subterranean pests.

5,Spiroplasma ethyl ester sucking mouth organ pests, red spiders

Spironolactone is a new type of insecticide and mite killer with bi-directional inward absorbing conductivity that moves up and down the entire plant to the leaf surface and bark, thus controlling pests on lettuce, kale leaves and fruit tree bark. Highly effective, broad spectrum, long lasting, effective control for up to 8 weeks.

Effective control of a wide range of stinging mouthparts such as aphids, leafhoppers, mealybugs, woodlice, whiteflies, etc.Chinese SLEEP COOL Insecticide spray It is systematically safer for some of the important beneficial insects such as ladybug beetles, aphid-feeding flies and parasitic wasp organisms. Commonly used in the development of citrus can control red spiders and chitons.

6,Pyrethrin - Lepidoptera

Kung Fu Permethrin, also known as Kung Fu, is a pyrethroid insecticide with poisoning effects of touch and stomach, fast knockdown speed and high ovicidal activity. It has a wide insecticidal spectrum and can be used to control most pests, such as moths, leaf roller moths, moths, night moths, caterpillars, tea-winged bugs, green stinkbugs, aphids and so on. It is moderately toxic to humans and livestock, but safe for fruit trees. However, pests are prone to develop resistance to this drug and it is not easy to reuse it. It should be used alternately with spinosad and imidacloprid.

Cypermethrin has the same learning effect.

7,Fungal Disease

Myclobutanil is a highly effective, broad-spectrum, systemic fungicide with protective and curative effects. It can be used in foliar spraying, seed treatment and soil treatment to control fungal diseases of various crops. It can effectively control brown spot, anthracnose, verticillium, gray mold, powdery mildew, botrytis, wilt and other diseases. Safe to use at 15-day intervals, up to 3 times a year.

8,Methyl Tobacco Fungal Disease

Thiophanate-methyl, also known as thiophanate-methyl, is a broad-spectrum systemic low-toxicity fungicide with preventive and curative effects. It can be rapidly absorbed by leaves and roots of plants, transmitted and evenly distributed in the body, blocking the formation of biofilm of pathogenic fungi and causing death of the pathogen.

In the cereals and fruit tree crops on the use of a very much, on the fruit tree spots and defoliation, various rust, brown spot, anthracnose, gray mold, root rot and other wheat mold, such as wheat erythromycin, black spikes, etc. The prevention and control of the work of the effect is very obvious, is an important seed treatment and leaf surface spraying of fungicides.

9,phenyl ether metconazole

Phenoxymetconazole is a broad-spectrum fungicide, which can be rapidly absorbed by plants after application and has long-lasting effect. It can prevent and control ascomycetes, ascomycetes, penicillium and other pathogenic fungi. Widely used in fruit trees, vegetables and other crops, mainly used in the prevention and control of pear black star disease, apple spotted leaf disease, tomato dry blight, watermelon vine blight, pepper anthracnose, strawberry powdery mildew, grape anthracnose, citrus black star disease and so on.


Pyrimethanil is a new type of systemic fungicide, which can be absorbed and transmitted by plants, and has a protective effect.