KANORO DC 5V 12V 24V 1.25-30V LM2596HV Power Supply Buck Voltage Switching Regulator Module Step Down, 12V 24V 36V 48V 4.5-55V to 3V

Price: $9.99

5V-55V (maximum within 55V continuously) is the input voltage range.

Range of the output voltage: 1.

25Vā€“30V (constantly adjustable) 3-ampere maximum output current 1.

5A continuous working current (20W maximum output power) Dimensions: 50*25*14mm (L*W*H).

DE92-02588J Assy Pcb Main for Samsung

Oem Part # De92-02588J This Is An O.China wholesale Heavy Copper PCB Supplier


Authorized Part Fits With Various Samsung Brand Models Manufacturer: Samsung

Genuine OEM Control Board for Samsung Dryers: Samsung DC92-01626B

Genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are created and developed to exact specifications, and the Samsung DC92-01626B Control Board is one of them.

Replacement The Samsung Dryer Control Board is a PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) that controls the dryer's operations, including temperature and drying time.

The Main Power Control Board, commonly known as the Samsung DC92-01626B Dryer Control Board, is installed in an exterior box.

For longevity and a precise fit, the high-quality Samsung OEM DC92-01626B Dryer Control Board is built with premium materials; when installing this component, make sure to follow the directions in the owner's handbook.

When you use Genuine Samsung Factory Parts & Accessories, you can confidently repair your equipment.

White PC Board BNC Socket BNC Monitoring Video Connector 2P BNCQ9 Adapter for CCTV Systems, 10Pcs BNC Female Right Angle Solder PCB Mount with Nut

This PCB mount connector is made of premium materials that have great oxidation resistance and are long-lasting.

STABLE SIGNAL TRANSMISSION: This connector ensures efficient signal transmission with strong conductivity and stable signal transmission.

LOW-FREQUENCY SIGNALS: This connector is ideal for CCTV systems because it is made for low-frequency communication signal line transmission.

RIGOROUS TESTING: To guarantee the highest quality requirements, this PCB mount connection is put through a series of insertion tests.

PERFECT FOR CCTV SYSTEMS: This connector is the ideal option for your security requirements because it is primarily utilized for signal transmission in CCTV systems.

200X150mm FR-4 Glass Fiber Single-Sided Copper Clad PCB Laminate Circuit Board from Jutagoss, 1 piece

Layers:Single-Sided parameter;FR-4 Glass Fiber; Copper Clad Surface Finish; 1.

5mm Thickness; Widely utilized in product development, DIY experimentation, maintenance, production, etc.

; Excellent for creating PCB Circuit Board Models; Advantages: Excellent bending strength at high temperatures, great flatness, and strong mechanical and dielectric qualities; Features: Excellent moisture and heat resistancegood processing performance, low heat conductivity; "Product Service": We always focus on the customer experience and give each client our very best effort;

Adults can use the TOMLOV DM10 8.5" digital microscope, which has a 1300X coin microscope and a 12MP camera sensor. It comes with an SD card.

Better View on a Larger Display This digital microscope has a 19% larger view than a 7 inch microscope using an 8.

5 inch angle-adjustable LCD screen, providing an incredible visual experience when exploring the micro world without the use of an external display.

Great for electronics maintenance, collection checking, and coin observation because it lets you see the entire coin's picture.

Super Crisp Clear Image Quality - This improved model can produce excellent quality photos and videos thanks to the original 12MP CMOS UHD camera sensor working in conjunction with the premium display.

It enables you to record videos and take real-time pictures with nearly no lag.

The magnification ranges from 50X to 1300X, allowing you to zoom in and view even the minute details.

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