Some things you need to know about VPCS

During this period, the cloud computing circle is quite active, ARM hostingand some things have caused widespread attention and dissemination inside and outside the circle, one is that on February 27, 2017, the left ear mouse published an article entitled "Ali Cloud Classic Network Problems", calling on people to pay attention to the problems of public cloud network design, and encourage the promotion and use of VPC, February 28, 2017 Northern time, AWS S3 massive failure, Northern Internet company mourning time.

Cloud, as a public resource based on the Internet, Cloud platfrom providernetwork design is the foundation of its existence, and it is also a high-quality product with a high technical threshold. On February 27, UCloud, as the first cloud computing vendor in China to use SDN technology to build a VPC network, launched the next generation VPC in Shanghai, adding four new features to maximize the high availability and security of user services, and rescue operation and maintenance colleagues from water and fire. Since then, UCloud has been an inappropriate secondary player.

From this point on, the "What You Need us to Know about VPC" series of questions will take UCloud's new generation of VPC products as an example, from different perspectives such as product quality features, virtual private cloudarchitecture practice, technology analysis, etc., to explain how Chinese public cloud network system design enterprises should learn to do.

This article covers the new features of the new UCloud VPC 4 product, so let's get started!

As an operations engineer, are you familiar with this scenario?

Scenario A: The VPC Intranet address segment is reprogrammed

After the VPC has been used for a period of time, the IP addresses are insufficient. Creating another VPC is time-consuming and laborious, and redeploying services can be stressful.

Scenario B: Migrating cloud hosts across availability zones

A host that is ready to deploy the service development environment needs to be migrated to another enterprise availability zone. However, in order to improve service continuity, the IP address cannot be changed. Is there a simple and reliable method?

Scenario C: Service Dr Deployment across available domains

In order to achieve high availability services across the available domains, two IDCs are deployed in the same service environment, but the domain name is fixed to the IP address. The application layer of load balancing is not achieved overnight, how to do?

UCloud's next generation VPC product is here to help you!

Flexibly customize network segments

After such a working period, the VPC ran out of IP addresses. Now the practice of all our cloud vendors is generally:

Create another VPC because existing VPCS are not allowed to add new network segments.

However, after creating a new VPC, going through the two VPCS is time-consuming and laborious. This is clearly not the solution that users want.

This time, UCloud gives you the freedom to add new segments to your existing VPC, as long as they don't overlap with your existing address.

In this way, users have an inexhaustible and scalable VPC address pool.

Is there a feeling of happiness? ?

In addition, UCloud VPC also provides the most flexible network segment size definition, up to large segment, as small as 10.0.0u002F29 mini segment, can be flexibly set according to their needs.

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