quartz benchtops

Quartz stone is a new type of stone synthesized by more than 90% of should time crystals, resin and other trace elements. Quartz stone countertop refers to the cabinet countertop made of quartz stone, which is one of the cabinet decoration materials often seen in our daily life. It has the advantages of wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and good heat-resistant, and can be laid on the wall in a large area.carrara quartz benchtops It is suitable for a variety of kitchen and bathroom countertops, seamless splicing, and durable. However, the quartz stone countertops on the market are uneven in quality, how to identify the advantages and disadvantages is a technical job.

Quartz stone countertops to identify the advantages and disadvantages

Method 1: look

Judging the quality of domestic quartz stone design is important to carry out the advantages and disadvantages of one point is the degree of finish, because the product finish requirements on behalf of the stain resistance.calacatta gold quartz supplier The simplest way is to use a use a marker pen in the quartz stone drawn out a bit, see whether it can be wiped off in time, can be wiped off on the stain resistance, can not be wiped off on the stain resistance is poor, it is recommended that we do not choose to buy.

In addition, the regular manufacturers in the quartz stone back are spray code, pay attention to the logo.

Method 2: scratch

Hardness is also the identification of wear resistance. The simple method is to use a steel knife, but the key does not play a role in identification. Quartz stone is made of 94% should be time and 6% of the resin, the hardness of 7 degrees, while granite is made of marble powder and resin, so the hardness is generally in 4-6 degrees. Simply put, quartzite is harder, more scratch-resistant and more wear-resistant than granite.

A steel knife across, leaving a white mark is fake quartz stone, because the hardness of the plate is not as hard as the steel knife, which cuts the surface and reveals the white color inside. The pure quartz stone by the steel knife across, will only leave a black mark, is a steel knife cut out of the quartz stone, but left the traces of the steel knife, a black and white, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

Method 3: burn

Quartz stone, because of its own material properties, determines its high temperature resistance, the temperature below 300 degrees Celsius will not have any effect on it, that is, it will not be deformed and broken. Stone outline contains a lot of resin, so it is especially easy to deform and char under high temperature.

Press a lighted cigarette butt on the countertop or burn it directly with a lighter; the ones without any traces are genuine, and the ones with charred black traces are fake.

Method 4: Acid

High-quality quartz stone countertops will generally add 100% of high-quality aluminum powder, a spoonful of edible white vinegar can make all the poor quality artificial stone, quartz stone to show the original form. But other kinds of vinegar are ineffective, such as aged vinegar.

Pour a spoonful of white vinegar on the artificial stone and quartz stone countertop. 30 seconds later, if a lot of tiny bubbles are produced, it means that it is fake quartz stone. This is because the calcium carbonate in fake quartz stone will react with white vinegar to produce bubbles. This kind of countertop is low in price, easy to aging, cracking, color absorption, and short service life.

Method 5: Price

In fact, the easiest way to identify the quality of quartz stone is to look at the price of quartz stone table, because the quality of quartz stone, its price will not be low. As for the price of quartz counters, there is a big difference in the price of quartz counters appearing in the market nowadays. However, under normal circumstances, the price of a quartz counter top is more than five hundred pieces. If the price of a quartz counter top is lower than that, you should double check whether it is granite or quartz stone to avoid being utilized.