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Intimacy in marriage is the physical, emotional, and spiritualremote vibrating connection you and your partner build as you share your life with each other. Many people believe that if a couple is united by love, their relationship naturally strengthens and doesn't need to be maintained deliberately. Regardless of whether it's true love, you still need to work to maintain it. " recommends five ways to improve intimacy as a couple in order to achieve this.

Snuggling with your lover creates the pheromones, kinetic remote vibratingenergy and chemical reactions that create the intimacy a healthy relationship requires.

You and your partner should sit facing each other, gently remote vibratingtouch each other's eyebrows, close your eyes, and begin breathing deeply. Take seven deep conscious breaths in a row. Touching the eyebrows brings about an exchange of energy and creates a spiritual connection during this exercise.

The classic exercise is to gaze into each other's eyes and remote vibratingimagine them as the "window to the soul." In this busy world, spending a few minutes looking into each other's eyes can help couples relax and pay more attention to each other, causing you to feel like time has slowed down. This exercise is even better when accompanied by music. Try not to talk. You can blink your eyes, but try not to talk. To set the context and time, choose a song that lasts four or five minutes.

What are some questions you want to ask your partner? Writeremote vibrating them down on a piece of paper, for example: What are the three things you want to eat most this month? Where would you most like to travel to? What would you like to do with me that you've never done before?

Active listening is crucial to maintaining intimacy in a couple. After aremote vibrating few minutes, the other party is free to express his or her opinion. This enhances our ability to understand others and allows us to focus on each other, which is rare and important in a fast-paced life. In short, putting in the energy and time to keep working will result in lasting happiness.